"Cold Swine Sucks...And So Does Falling in Love"-The Game S5, E20 (RECAP)

Every Tuesday is Game Day, and we're one more episode away from the season finale! Picking up from last week, Tasha picks up Pookie's phone while he's in the shower and notices that it's from some girl telling him that she loves him!

Meanwhile, Melanie comes back to San Diego from D.C. and brings back Free from 106 & Park (who is on the DMV's own WPGC 95.5!). Using Free, Melanie tries to convince Derwin to play for the Redskins.

Tasha gets an attitude with Pookie after she sees all the texts from a girl that Pookie used to hang out with named Rasheida. Pookie tells her that she's a non-factor, but Tasha refuses to believe it.

After hanging out with Irv, Derwin comes back and wakes up Melanie. The couple brought Irv there to talk about being done with the Sabers (Irv thought they were getting divorced). This season, Derwin felt underused and underpaid, and wants to explore other options in D.C. Irv understands, and tells him that he will try to get the deal done.

Tasha messes with Pookie while they're doing yoga, wanting to know who this girl is. Pookie leaves to go into the bedroom. At that moment, Rasheida calls and Tasha picks up the phone and questions why she keeps calling his phone. Tasha gives Rasheida all of her contact info so she could come down there and they can settle this once and for all.

Later, Irv brings Derwin a $50 million deal...only it's from the Sabers, while Derwin thought he was talking about D.C. Irv tells him that the Sabers wanted to step up to the plate, but Derwin is serious about moving there. However, Irv told the Redskins no, so Derwin has to take the deal with the Sabers. Plus it is $20 million more that the Skins offered.

Pookie comes over with Malik there, with Malik serving as mediator in the conversation. Malik reveals Rasheida, and Tasha basically tells him to state his choice. Rasheida admits to Pookie that when they started having sex when she moved in with him, and that he moved on to Tasha, she didn't want to give up without a fight. Pookie says that he is love with Tasha, which blows Tasha's mind, but of course, she gloats a little in front of Rasheida.

Rasheida goes to cry in Tasha's closet, and Tasha apologizes for pushing her to feel insecure. She tells her that she will find her Prince Charming one day, and that she won't have to beg him to choose her.

At the house, Derwin makes a fancy dinner for her, and brings a surprise dinner guest--Dustin Diamond ("Screech" from Saved By the Bell) to break the news to her about the deal. Screech tries to convince Melanie as Derwin to get on board with staying in San Diego. However, Melanie has already made the decision to go to D.C. regardless, which is going to altar the storyline. Over the past week, we found out that Tia Mowry will not be returning to The Game for season 6, so this move to D.C. will be happening. There is no telling if Derwin is going with her, but Pooch Hall has signed on to do another show on Showtime, so it's unclear if he will still be on the show either.

Tasha jokes with Pookie that it was his fault that Rasheida's so hurt, because she couldn't differentiate between sex and love. She asks if this relationship is less than what it seems. Pookie admits again that he loves her, which is why he hasn't tried to have sex with her or anything, especially since she is holding fast to her celibacy. I love them together! Hopefully Tasha doesn't push him away. But then again, the beauty of them being childhood friends is that he knows and has put up with all of her craziness forever, so they should be fine.

Next episode is DRAMA. Derwin tells Melanie that if she can't be there for him completely, then be gone. Chardonnary flips out at the Aqua Bar, and Jason tells her, "We need to talk." Mmhmm.


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