"A Woman's Right to Choose Herself"-The Game S5, E17 (RECAP)

Picking up from last Game Day, Pookie and Tasha have a romantic night with a star lamp in her room Melanie comes and interrupts the flow, and informs her that Derwin said yes on Tasha having their baby. Melanie takes away Tasha's alcohol, and plans to give her prenatal vitamins and other vitamins to get her ready, as well as a list of food to avoid. You can tell that Tasha was having second thoughts, especially now that Pookie is in the picture again.                 

Back at her house, Chardonnay ran short on cash, and decided to put her paycheck toward saving up for a spa (rightly titled Spa-donnay) rather than paying her electric bill (Oooook???). Even though we all know how cheap Jason is, he give her the money for her electric bill, which Chardonnay accepts as a loan.

The next night, Tasha meets up with Tee Tee at the Aqua Bar. She wonders how she's going to tell Pookie that she's having Derwin and Melanie's baby. Tee Tee tells her that if she does, it's a wrap on the relationship, because Pookie won't understand. He tells her that there are plenty of other people that can serve as the surrogate, and tells her that she needs to choose herself and have a life of happiness with Pookie. Later, when Pookie invites Tasha to the observatory, she tries to tell him that she took on the surrogate role before he came back. He thinks that she wants to be with someone else, and they subtly break things off.

Later, Malik and Jason make up after Jason made fun of Malik on his show for his drug habit. While riding in the car, the two see Chardonnay waiting on the bus, which embarrasses Jason.

The next day, Tasha heads to the hospital to get checked out. Melanie's eggs and Derwin's sperm were harvested into an embryo, which the doctor explains should connect to Tasha's uterus fine. Melanie gets really emotional and happy. However, Tasha realizes that she can't do it and runs out, leaving Melanie and Derwin disappointed and upset.

At dinner with Chardonnay, Jason gives her a Hybrid, but she refuses to take it, saying she's good with her bus pass. She eventually goes off because she realizes that he is embarrassed that she rides the bus. He wants to take care of her, but she gives him her laundry to do instead.

Back at their house, Derwin tries to talk to Melanie about losing Tasha as a surrogate. She's so hurt and done with trying. They have a truth moment, and she admits she's not happy with her life. Ever since she turned down Johns Hopkins to follow Derwin, she's been trying to fill a void in her life, whether it be with the Sunbeams, or managing Derwin's career, or trying to have a baby. She feels empty. Derwin tries to calm her down, but this is really taking its toll on her. It is like she's lost herself and sight of her own dreams, which can be common in the housewife role.

Later, when Jason rides the bus with Chardonnay, he's so embarrassed that he wears sunglasses. Chardonnay flips through a magazine and plays "I Get That," pretending to buy things she wants in the mag. And, at the spur of the moment, he says he loves her. I really love them as a couple!

Tasha drives to Richmond, and calls Pookie out, telling him that she chooses him. They have an emotional make up. Though I'm happy that Tasha has found real love, and I honestly didn't expect her to carry the baby, I just feel so sorry for Melanie. I'm hoping that she can find herself again, and realizes what she wants out of life, whether it be to finally become a doctor or find a new dream for herself.


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