"The Championship Game Episode"-The Game Season Finale (RECAP)

Picking up from last episode, the Season Finale of The Game starts out with everyone celebrating the championship game, which is about to start soon. Malik, though arrested last episode, makes it at the very last minute to the championship. Apparently the situation was resolved and the cops actually end up driving Malik and Jenna to the stadium. Malik, still upset at Jenna, leaves her behind with the cop car with 7 minutes left til kickoff.

At the airport, Rick Fox tries to make Melanie see Derwin's point of being a professional athlete and finally having a championship game and wanting to have his girlfriend to look up to in the stands. Rick also talk about his breakup with Tasha, and reminds her that the decisions that we make in life can have a negative impact on those we leave behind.

Next we see Chardonnay on the bus. When she requests her stop, the bus driver refuses to stop. She of course, goes off and has a breakdown since Jason just broke up with her and she lost her job last episode.

Later we find that the Sabers won the national championship! The team celebrates and Derwin turns to find that Melanie came to the game to congratulate him!

Meanwhile, on the bus still, Chardonnay is finally let off by the bus driver, with Jason standing in front of a building--a building that he bought and decorated for Spadonnay, her dream venture. That's the nicest, most expensive thing Jason has done in five seasons of the show (yall know he's cheap haha)! He asks for 50% ownership of the spa, but also asks to stay married to her, actually dropping to his knees for a proposal. Wild Saber fans throw a glass through her window and interrupt the moment, but it's good to see them back together. I'm just confused as to why he broke up with her in the first place now, though. It seemed like he was trying to get back to Kelly with that phone call last week, but I guess he was trying to throw her off track with the proposal? I'm still confused with that writing. But I hope that Jason and Chardonnay have a real wedding. I mean, we didn't even see the Tijuana one haha!

Back at her room, Tasha is still not feeling well, but wants to be there for Malik. Pookie tells her that she needs to stay home and get better. Tasha informs him that he is everything that she ever prayed for. She's always wanted a man to take care of her when she was sick, and really be there for her. I'm glad to see her finally happy.

At the Aqua Bar, Derwin and Malik continues their celebration with the with Jason, Chardonnay, Melanie, and some other player and his wife. Jenna gets CRAZY drunk and Malik drags her out of the club. Derwin tells everyone not to let that bring the moment down. Chardonnay then surprises everyone with the news that she and Jason are staying married. Melanie tells Derwin that she has to get going to catch her flight to D.C., which upsets Derwin who thought she was staying. She apologizes if she gave him the wrong impression, but then goes off on him, telling him that she has always supported him and that she needs him to cheer for her now. Derwin refuses to accept the news, walking off.

Later, Malik drives Jenna back to rehab. He tells her that he loves her enough to know that he can't save her. She has to save herself. He wants her to stay in rehab long enough for it to work for her. It's obvious that his lifestyle triggers her alcoholism, and he breaks up with her. He says that he loves her still, but she literally spits in his face.

In the final moments of the episode, Chardonnay and Jason celebrate staying married, burning the annulment. Melanie receives a call from Derwin at the airport, with him telling her that her leaving shows him that she needs this and surprises her there. He apologizes that it took him so long to get that this is her dream. He makes the decision to go with her and be on the sidelines rooting for his wife! Awwww! At Tasha's, she and Pookie sleep peacefully as a call comes in from Rick Fox. Malik unfortunately goes back to his old ways, ordering cars and making plans to have sex with random girls. Shame.

Now, this is the final season that Tia Mowry will be apart of, and there's no word (or at least I haven't heard anything) on whether or not Pooch Hall will be staying. So I'm not sure what the plans are for season 6 of The Game, though I'm wondering with all of these cast changes if it would be a good idea to wrap up the show after this next season. It's up to BET, but there's enough shows that are being dragged along these days. Maybe it's time to hang up the hat. It was a pretty good season though!

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