Episode 2-Hollywood Exes (RECAP)

Here's the recap for episode two of Hollywood Exes! I think I'm really going to like this show!

Picking up from the premiereSheree and Andrea go out on the town passing by a cupcake ATM (Now I really want to go to L.A!). Sheree mentions that no one has ever really seen Andrea with Robert when they were married. They were together for 13 years, and married for 10, and I definitely didn't know that he was married! I get being private, but LORD A MIGHTY! Andrea herself doesn't even know why the marriage was such a secret. Sheree believes it was for his public image.  I just think he wanted to be able do his own thing on the side without people caring. I think media would have jumped on him more if they knew he was married and saw him out with another girl. In the end, Andrea felt that the support she showed him and it wasn't reciprocated. She learned from the divorce that you have to say what you want out of a relationship and life in general and mean it.

The next scene goes over to Jessica and her daughter Josie. The mother-daughter pair are close and share everything with each other. However, we see that it has definitely affected Josie not having her father around, and she's looking for that male attention in boys. As Josie talks about dating other guys and getting a feel for love and romance, Jessica is reconsidering having Jose move in with them.

Mayte goes out for lunch with Manuela. Manuela was Prince's second wife (I guess ex-wives can be cool with each other). Manuela is now married to Eric Benét, and has a daughter with him. Manuela talks about her baby, it reminds Mayte of her two pregnancies--one baby lived only for a week. She really wants to have kids, and wants a man to have one with. Meanwhile, Andrea looks for a house with Tony and finally finds a spot in Hollywood Hills. 

Later, Nicole gets a visit from her mom Ellen who's from England and they go to the spa. Ellen definitely wasn't the typecast proper Brit, having no problem talking to her daughter about the vaginal rejuvenation Jessica got last episode! They also talk about Nicole's impending wedding, with Ellen jokingly saying she hopes she's still alive when Nicole finally goes through with it.

Later, Jessica tells Josie of Jose's plan to move, but Josie's worried that they'll start fighting again. They both think he's doing it to get back with Jessica, which Josie actually wants to happen. There's no telling what Jessica will actually do.

That night, Nicole goes over to Andrea's house to chill, and sees that she's happier. They talk more about the move and her relationship with Robert, and Andrea's crazy self even wants a pole right smack dab in the middle of the living room!

At dinner with Nicole and Sheree, Jessica brings up the moving in issue again. Nicole and Sheree see it as an excuse for Jose to get in with Jessica again. They want her to really think about why she's doing this. Is it for Josie...or is it for her? Jessica appreciates the honesty, though I know she's still going to do what she wants to do.

The next day, the matchmaker comes back to Mayte's house, and breaks out a bunch of rules. One, she tells her to not have the dog at the door as that might scare a date. She tells her mother that she can't be there either. And it turns out that Mayte kept the wedding china with Prince's symbol, which is mad creepy to me by the way, and I had to agree that all that needed to go. However, when the matchmaker mentioned that she needed to change dish soap because it was purple, I wanted to push her out the door. If a guy notices the color of your soap and actually cares, there's a problem. Mayte is really determined to give the matchmaker a shot, though. I think she's been lonely for so long, living with all of those animals, she needs somebody and she'll do whatever she has to do to get him!

Later, Nicole and Jessica talk about her upcoming wedding, with Nicole mentioning that she wants to do something smaller and simpler than her first marriage ceremony. Meanwhile, Mayte and Andrea connect and hang out at Andrea's house to get to know each other better. They both find that it's hard to find a suitable man, because they get intimidated about their exes or act a fool about it! One guy has even come up to Mayte saying that he met her with Prince when he was 16. The two definitely connect because both met their exes as dancers. They have people trying to mooch off of them for tickets to their exes' concerts and the like. Andrea admits that it's hard to be in that life and gets emotional, especially since Robert hasn't been in the best light.

The next night, Andrea has a homewarming wigging out party, where you have to wear a wig and become the character you are when you put on the wig. Everyone has a good time, but again, Jessica's situation with Jose comes up, with Jessica knowing that it's something that she needs to work out. The next day, Jessica tells Jose that it's cool if he comes, but hopes she's not making a mistake. 

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