"Pregnito"-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta S1, E2 (RECAP)

Stevie tries to talk to Mimi about the issues with Joseline.

Time for a recap of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta! Picking up from the premiere episode, Mimi talks to Ariane about the whole mess between her, Stevie, and Joseline last episode. She clearly sees that something else is going on besides just the music. Ariane states that she is willing to do whatever to get her to leave him. She thinks Mimi is too comfortable under Stevie and asks Mimi if she thinks she's gonna leave him. Of course, Mimi doesn't answer.

The next scene goes to rapper Rasheeda and her manager-husband Kirk. Together, they have five kids (one of their own, and the rest are Kirk's). Rasheeda is trying the independent move in terms of her music, and are now in the process of picking a new single. They go back and forth about it, because Rasheeda wants one single because she just likes it, whereas Kirk picks the single "Marry Me," because he thinks it will go over well with fans. From the start, we see that they clash as husband and wife/artist and manager. Not sure if business and pleasure is going to work for them.

Later, Karlie goes to talk to Stevie J about working on her record and bumps into Joseline, who accuses her of being messy for saying she was involved with Stevie. Supposedly, Karlie didn't know that Mimi was with Stevie J, but for a girl to be with someone for FIFTEEN YEARS, and you, as a friend, didn't know, is weird to me. But then again, they were disconnected for a while, so maybe she wasn't sure. Joseline reveals that she and Stevie started "working" together four or five months ago, and it's simply all about the music. Karlie refuses to believe it. Joseline's not tripping off of Stevie, but she threw a glass of water at him to get his attention at the club the other night? Girl.

Meanwhile, Stevie pops up at Mimi's cleaning business and says he wants to make things right with her. Mimi tells him to look her in the face and tell her she ain't messing with Joseline, which, of course, he denies. He proposes to give her a percentage of Joseline's project. She wants 10% to take out of his pocket and Joseline's pocket, and be more involved in the business, I know, to keep tabs on Stevie and hurt his wallet for him hurting her. The way I see it, she's a little late in that department. This man has been giving you the runaround for years woman!

The next day, Rasheeda and Kirk ride around in the car, listening to the single and discussing plans for the video. While Rasheeda is excited about the song, she tells Kirk basically that he needs to be on his A game for this video.

Later that night, Erica meets with her mother and her mother Mingon (Lawdddd...) gets right to talking about her relationship with Scrappy. She wants Erica to be happy, but feels like Scrappy can do more, that he's on a standstill. It's revealed that Erica's mother raised her until she was about four or five, and then Erica was sent to New York to live with her aunt and uncle. Her mom had become addicted to cocaine. She gets emotional talking to her mother about how alone and deserted she felt like her. Her mom asks for her forgiveness and they hug it out. It's nice that they're trying to better their relationship, and I do hope they work things out between them.

The next day, Stevie goes to dinner with Mimi, trying to be sweet to get back in her good graces. However, she gives lays down some paperwork to get 20% of Joseline's project (though 20% of nothing =0, but okay), and possibly the rest of his projects. Like I said, Mimi wants to hurt his pocket now and keep tabs on him by being more involved. However, Stevie serenades her with a song and she runs right back in his arms.
At this moment, I wanted to just hit her over the head with a bat to knock some sense into her. I don't know if she's still with Stevie J or not after filming, but if she is, after seeing all of this on TV, she's a true dingbat, I'm sorry.

Rasheeda shows up late her video shoot for "Marry Me" because she had to go get her own clothes. She blames Kirk because he cut the budget for a stylist. They argue back and forth, and it's clear that Rasheeda is being pulled in a bunch of different directions. She has a lot on her plate as a mom, artist, having to be her own stylist, etc. She feels like he's not doing what he should be doing as her manager to make sure she is in the right head space as an artist.

Karlie goes over to Mimi  and talks about her conversation with Joseline. Karlie honestly thinks she and Stevie are sleeping together, but then asks Mimi if she can work with Stevie herself. Now that they have this agreement, Mimi wants Stevie to work with Karlie, I think only so he and Joseline will spend less time together.

Later, Stevie J is working in the studio with Joseline. She reveals that she missed her period. Mimi walks in and lets Joseline know that she's taking a stronger position in the business. She also mentions Karlie working with him, which both Stevie and Joseline are opposed to. However, Mimi quickly shuts Joseline down by letting her know that she is just an artist and the business side of the music is none of her business. Of course, this whole thing upsets Joseline since Stevie's attention won't totally be on her.

Back at their house, Scrappy and Erica go to talk, and Erica tells him that she feels like he gets depressed or stressed and takes it out on people around him. However, some days, after working, Scrappy would just rather be left alone. He wants his own place, but they both decide as a couple to make things work regardless. Sometimes it's better that boyfriends and girlfriends live apart.

Later, Joseline goes over to the gym to give Karlie a piece of her mind about talking about her to Mimi. All three of them are jokes to me for fighting over Stevie J honestly. I don't care if it's personally or professionally. I think he's done. But they argue nonetheless.

After the big blow up, Joseline goes to take a pregnancy test in a public bathroom. Where they do that at? The A obviously. She goes to confront Stevie with the news that she's pregnant. Stevie tells her that they have work to do and she needs to handle this, implying that she needs to get an abortion. He also drills her about whose baby it is, which upsets her. However, Joseline says she hasn't been having sex with anybody but Stevie for six months sooooo...yeah. 1+1=2, Stevie. Next episode, it's going down. And Mimi, if you are STILL with Stevie J, you need to be backhanded. I need to find this out ASAP.

Next Monday, you know where I'll be at 8!

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