"Therapy?"-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta S1, E7 (RECAP)

Picking up from the last episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Mimi goes to the studio to see K. Michelle. She talks about dropping off Stevie's stuff and wonder if she can really fix things with him through counseling. The purpose is really to work on communication with him. K surprises her with a song that talks about Mimi's struggle, which really goes in, which Mimi appreciates.

Meanwhile, Karlie meets up with her manager Malcolm. Karlie talks about all of the outside work she has going on with makeup, hair, etc. (all of which I have yet to hear about), but Malcolm says all of this is from her recording in the studio. He also asks her about her relationship with Benzino. Because some people have bad blood with him, and he is a little washed up, Malcolm doesn't believe it's a good look for Karlie to be with him. He tells her that she needs to focus on her career, which I agree with. Though I don't see her as a superstar artist (or much of a singer at all honestly), hey, if it's something that she really wants, she needs to work on getting better and furthering her career.


"Single and Ready to Mingle"-Hollywood Exes S1, E6 (RECAP)

Another new episode of Hollywood Exes! Picking up from last weekNicole meets with her assistant Sandra to go over plans to move out of her house since Nicole recently sold it. Nicole has to pack up and find a new place in 30 days. Sandra gives her some options, and tells her to narrow them down to a few select ones to check out. Definitely stressful to try to do all of that in a month! Nicole is stressed about the lawsuits she has over her stolen money already, and now this!

That night, Andrea, Jessica, and Mayte go to a singles mixer hoping to find some handsome men. They meet Mark the matchmaker who is facilitating the event. At the mixer, these guys are not attractive at all, and there aren't that many of them either. The ladies go in anyway. The matchmakers Mark and Lynn-Ann introduce some group and couple games to see them interact. They all share embarrassing moments and turn-ons with the Toilet Paper game". Later, they split off into pairs where they play "Marooned" and together the pairs have to think of five things they both want on a deserted island.  The ladies had fun, but of course, they would never actually date those guys and were glad when the night was over.

The next day, Nicole goes to look at a house in Calabasas with another realtor. The house is gorgeous, but it's a little small for her big family (remember she has five kids!). She wants to build a movie theater and a bowling alley in which property she picks, so she needs a bigger house. She calls her realtor Bob and he tells her that he has some other houses in Bel Air to look at that might work for her.


"No Apologies"-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta S1, E6 (RECAP)

Rasheeda breaks the news to Kirk, and he feels betrayed.Time for another recap of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta! Picking up from last week's episode, we see Joseline at a photoshoot rocking this terrible tribal wear. When Stevie tries to tell her that it's not a good look, she shrugs him off. He also tells her to stay in her place about Mimi with the threatening texts she's been sending. Joseline swears she is in a relationship with him, and just sees Mimi as the baby mama, so she plans on doing whatever she pleases.

Meanwhile, Shay goes to lunch with Momma Dee and they talk about Shay's potential relationship with her son. Right now, Shay explains that there is no official label on them, that they are taking things slow and seeing where they end up. Momma Dee also warns her that Erica and Shay's paths will cross soon enough and Erica will probably not be happy to find out that now Shay's seeing Scrappy.

Later, Mimi meets with Karlie. Karlie feels like her and Mimi's friendship is drifting and that Mimi should have warned her that K Michelle was so angry and planned to fight. When Mimi tells her about the Joseline situation, basically admitting that Karlie was right about them messing around, Karlie says in a confession that she told her so. Karlie also talks about her planned song with Joseline which upsets Mimi a little bit obviously because she doesn't like the girl at all.


"Planned Parenthood"-Hollywood Exes S1, E5 (RECAP)

Jessica and Josie go on a bike ride, and Josie shares a secret with her mother.

Time for the recap of Hollywood Exes! Picking up from last week, Nicole and Jessica go for a run on Zuma Beach, and see some gorgeous guys. They talk about Jose, and mention that Jose has not talked to Josie about moving to Boston. Nicole mentions that Jessica should then tell her before she finds out on the internet. It's definitely a terrible move on Jose's part not to talk to his kid, especially for somebody who wanted to "be a part of her life" as much as he claimed to be.

Meanwhile, Andrea calls her best friend Angie who's watching her kids, and catches up on what's going on with them. Even though she wishes she was there herself, she knows that the kids are in good hands. It was hard for her to leave them, as she talks about with Tony, but it's about making a life for her children. 

Later, Nicole heads out shopping with her oldest daughter Bria who is shopping for her first apartment. She's a model who also is getting into acting. Bria asks Nicole if she's going to start modeling again, and Nicole mentions an opportunity to do a billboard in Vegas. She started modeling when she was 13 and stopped when she got married at 25, and kind of misses it. She's nervous, but she has no reason to be! She's GORGEOUS!


"No Receipts"-Love & Hip Hop:Atlanta S1, E5 (RECAP)

What do you make of a Karlie and Joseline collaboration?Should've posted the recap of Monday's Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta earlier, but I was feeling sick all day and not really up to much of anything, unfortunately. But I owe it to all of you who read them to put this up.  Picking up from the last episode, Joseline goes over to meet Erica to apologize for her drama last time they met. She realized that Erica is not messing around with Stevie J, though who is she really to fight for another woman's man? Erica clears up the fact that she wasn't messing around with Stevie, but she still doesn't like her and that's it.

Meanwhile, Mimi packs up Stevie's stuff and Ariane come over. Mimi wants it to work but she can't handle Stevie still messing around with Joseline. Ariane wants her to be done for good and believes that she will fall into Stevie's arms again, though Mimi promises she won't.

Later, at Scrappy's house, we find out Scrappy had an asthma attack and Momma Dee goes over to see him. She finds out from him that Erica called somebody else to take him to the hospital, which leaves Scrappy to feel like she doesn't have that affection for him. Dee tells him that he has some decisions to make over who he should be with.


"Wine and Dine"-Hollywood Exes S1, E4 (RECAP)

Picking up from the last episode of Hollywood Exes, Nicole calls her lawyer who informs her more information about her lawsuit. It's definitely a stressful situation on her, and she's ready for it to be over. However, she's suing a lot of people, so it's going to take a while to be done.

Meanwhile, Mayte and Sheree go to visit Andrea to tell her the drama with Jessica about Jose moving to Boston. Now what does she tell Josie? He's definitely a douchebag for doing this to them. Mayte then makes an announcement that a friend of hers has a vineyard in Napa Valley and she is inviting everyone to go to a wine tasting. They call Nicole to tell her too. It should be a relaxing time for all of the ladies to get away from their stressful lives, especially Nicole and Jessica.

Headed to Napa, the ladies take a private jet, where Andrea is deathly afraid of take off and starts freaking out and crying. Sheree says a quick prayer, while Andrea's motto is "Keep praying, keep drinking. You're talking to a sinner and a saint!" With her drink, she finally calms down. She and Jessica even start talking about being down for interracial dating (aptly titled "The Swirl"). The ladies land in Napa and go straight to the Auberge Winery which is gorgeous!


"Scrappin"-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta S1, E4 (RECAP)

The two go at it.Another Monday gone, another recap of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Picking up from last week, Ariane, K. Michelle, and Mimi meet up at Ariane's apartment since they didn't get to hang out at K. Michelle's showcase because of the drama going on with Stevie. Mimi tells K. Michelle that Joseline is pregnant by Stevie J, and was even carrying around the girl's pregnancy test in his pocket. Mimi claims that she has had enough and that Stevie is inconsistent. K. Michelle tells Mimi that she can reach out to her, and Ariane thinks it's time she walks away. Mimi wants to move forward for her and her daughter, even claiming on her Twitter that she's done. FINALLY! Good for her. Though I hope she stays true to her word. With love, it's easy to relapse.

Meanwhile, Momma Dee goes over to Scrappy's house, and they talk about his and Erica's relationship. Erica's his baby mama, but he can't see them together anymore. It then comes up that he has a best friend in Shay (Buckey from Flavor of Love 2! When I saw her in the promo last week, I was like Lordddd haha), and that maybe she's the real one for him. Scrappy also tells Momma Dee that Stevie J called Erica out of her name, and she tells him he better handle Stevie, which Scrappy has already planned to do.


Episode 3-Hollywood Exes (RECAP)

Jessica reveals to the women about Jose's new move.

Another week of Hollywood Exes! I'm really loving this show! Picking up from last episode, Nicole and Jessica go get some frozen yogurt and discuss Jessica's situation with Jose possibly moving in. Jessica is determined to put him to work to make him make up for the past seven years that he has not been in Josie's life. Nicole doesn't think she should do it, but supports her regardless.

Meanwhile, Sheree meets with her chemist to work on her product Whoop Ash, which is a body butter/moisturizer that Sheree made in her kitchen to get rid of ash. However, she finds that the smell is off and the substance leaves skin greasy. She wants the formula to be exactly right so she can go into production. 

Later, Nicole and Sheree meet up with Mayte and talk about the matchmaker. They don't really think that she needs one, but decide that maybe the matchmaker sees things that we don't really see in terms of dating other people. However, Nicole does say that she is going to think of someone who she could set Mayte up with!


Frank Ocean Comes Out

Earlier in the week, rumors surfaced that Frank Ocean was gay from a blogger that had heard Frank’s upcoming Channel Orange album. Apparently he had used the word "him" instead of "her" on a few tracks in reference to his own love story. 

Early this morning, Frank posted a letter to his Tumblr titled, ‘Thank You’s’ basically saying that there was some truth in the reports. The letter, which was written in December 2011, details Frank's story of meeting a guy when he was 19 and eventually falling in love. It was his very first love and that love is what inspired the lyrics of quite a few of his songs.  Check out the letter below!


"Kiss and Yell"-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta S1, E3 (RECAP)

Another week of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta! Picking up from last week, Joseline and Stevie contiinue their conversation about the fact that she's pregnant and that it's probably Stevie's kid. Stevie doubt it's his, and Joseline plans to get money from him for the baby just for not believing her. She supposedly sees who he is really is now, and doesn't want him anymore just that quick. Whatever. 

Meanwhile, K Michelle meets with producer B. Cox about her upcoming music showcase, which is important to her brand as it will be a way of reintroducing her to record executives and others. Industry people think that she's crazy after hearing how she yelled and screamed at Jive Records over spent money with no new music for her. However, B. Cox tells her she has to get past the past. People are terrified that she is going to go crazy on them if things don't go her way, but she has to prove to them that she is an amazing artist that is willing to work to better her career.


REVIEW: BET Awards 2012

Every year since I started Spotlight, I have been recapping the BET Awards, giving my two cents on BET's biggest event of the year. So, of course, I had to keep up the tradition!

Last year's 2011 BET Awards, hosted by Kevin Hart, was pretty good, at least to me. I have come not to expect jaw-dropping amazing shows from BET, but they do good. This show was good too. Not amazing, but good. From the different performances to special appearances to the Whitney tribute, the show was good to watch. I have my negatives, of course, but the good ultimately outweighed the bad. Check out my review of the BET Awards 2012 below!


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