Episode 3-Hollywood Exes (RECAP)

Jessica reveals to the women about Jose's new move.

Another week of Hollywood Exes! I'm really loving this show! Picking up from last episode, Nicole and Jessica go get some frozen yogurt and discuss Jessica's situation with Jose possibly moving in. Jessica is determined to put him to work to make him make up for the past seven years that he has not been in Josie's life. Nicole doesn't think she should do it, but supports her regardless.

Meanwhile, Sheree meets with her chemist to work on her product Whoop Ash, which is a body butter/moisturizer that Sheree made in her kitchen to get rid of ash. However, she finds that the smell is off and the substance leaves skin greasy. She wants the formula to be exactly right so she can go into production. 

Later, Nicole and Sheree meet up with Mayte and talk about the matchmaker. They don't really think that she needs one, but decide that maybe the matchmaker sees things that we don't really see in terms of dating other people. However, Nicole does say that she is going to think of someone who she could set Mayte up with!

We all know that Andrea wants to get started in dance over in L.A., so she goes over with Mayte to ballet class to get a feel for the dance community here. She wants to start teaching some burlesque type dances. She closed down her studio in Chicago, and wants to get a place here. Mayte encourages her to go to Millennium, which is where all the celebs go to learn choreography.

Meanwhile, Sheree drives every weekend to see her husband Terrell in San Diego. She doesn't consider moving to San Diego an option right now because her business and her son is in L.A. Even though the traveling is taking a toll, Sheree is determined to make this work. However, Terrell feels that her place is with him, though she feels like he can preach anywhere and wants him to come to L.A. I have to say, it's weird that she only sees her husband two or three days out of the week. I can see that for a boyfriend, but that man is your husband, and you don't live with him? And she made the choice not to? I can see that tearing up their relationship.

Later, we find that Nicole has her jewelry line "FLP by Nicole Murphy." She, Mayte, and Mayte's friend Big Sexy (who plays security for them) go to for an African man who sells great African beads. Only hitch is that he sells them out of a van, and is liable to be anywhere in L.A. Eventually, she finds him on the side of the road in a sketchy neighborhood, but it's worth it to get the beads. She mixes the beads with gems to get an earthy feel that celeb customers likeTrey Songz, Snoop Dogg, Russell Brand, and more love!

Mayte and Sheree go for a hike with her pregnant dog Boogie. Mayte talks with her about still being scarred from losing her baby so long ago. She wants to try to have another baby, but is scared that she will get the same result. Meanwhile, Tony and Andrea work to get Andrea a spot in the Millennium studio. 

Later, Nicole and Jessica meet at a bar to have some girl talk. After seeing some jewelry Eddie gave Nicole a long time ago, Jessica asks how did Eddie propose to her. The proposal was apparently wack. Eddie came into their bedroom, sat on the bed, and gave her the ring box and said "Let's get married." However, Jessica's story was definitely worse. Jose apparently had his pinky ring made into a ring for her (can we say CHEAP) and just gave it to her like, "Here. Let's do this." Where was the romance, gentlemen?! Geez...

The next day, Andrea and Tony go to meet the owner of Millennium, Robert,  to see about Andrea teaching a master class at the studio. Because Millennium doesn't offer burlesque classes, Andrea has something new to offer. They want to work on marketing and public relation strategies to get the class out to the public, with Tony promising to work with Robert side by side to make Andrea's dream a reality.

Later, Jessica goes to meet a therapist Dr. Michelle about moving in with Jose. Jessica admits she always get sucked in by him because he was her first love, but ended it because she caught Jose cheating a lot. Dr. Michelle says that it's unfair the position that he puts her in regularly, and asks why does she let him in? Jessica thinks that maybe she might be in love with him still. Dr. Michelle doesn't want her to put herself in a compromising position like that, which gets Jessica really rethinking them moving in together.

Later that day, Nicole and her business partner Yolanda have a public showing of the jewelry at Church Boutique and invited the girls out. All of the ladies are impressed with the fabulous jewels, which were stunning! The showcase turned out to be a great success.

The next day, Mayte and Andrea go for a walk on the beach. Andrea is stressed about her dance class because she is afraid of failure. She doesn't want to be known as R. Kelly's wife for the rest of her life, but just wants to dance. However, she is afraid that she won't make it here. Mayte eventually talks again about her baby that passed, and said that one day it clicked for her that she can't be angry anymore about her situation, which gets Andrea thinking about her own bitterness towards being just R. Kelly's ex-wife. She has to get up and do something about it, and really make a name all her own.

Later, Jessica meets with Mayte and Sheree. She shares some bad news about a phone call she got from Jose. Jose says he got a job in Boston and that's where he's going, which is going to be a huge disappointment to Josie. He got everybody's hopes up that he was going to be a great father, and really be there for his daughter, and now he's going full on across the country? Douchebag. It's like he's not even trying to make things work!

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