"No Apologies"-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta S1, E6 (RECAP)

Rasheeda breaks the news to Kirk, and he feels betrayed.Time for another recap of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta! Picking up from last week's episode, we see Joseline at a photoshoot rocking this terrible tribal wear. When Stevie tries to tell her that it's not a good look, she shrugs him off. He also tells her to stay in her place about Mimi with the threatening texts she's been sending. Joseline swears she is in a relationship with him, and just sees Mimi as the baby mama, so she plans on doing whatever she pleases.

Meanwhile, Shay goes to lunch with Momma Dee and they talk about Shay's potential relationship with her son. Right now, Shay explains that there is no official label on them, that they are taking things slow and seeing where they end up. Momma Dee also warns her that Erica and Shay's paths will cross soon enough and Erica will probably not be happy to find out that now Shay's seeing Scrappy.

Later, Mimi meets with Karlie. Karlie feels like her and Mimi's friendship is drifting and that Mimi should have warned her that K Michelle was so angry and planned to fight. When Mimi tells her about the Joseline situation, basically admitting that Karlie was right about them messing around, Karlie says in a confession that she told her so. Karlie also talks about her planned song with Joseline which upsets Mimi a little bit obviously because she doesn't like the girl at all.

Rasheeda later has a launch party for her new project, set up by manager-husband Kirk. The party, unfortunately, has a bad turnout, which Rasheeda instantly blames on him. There are also technical difficulties with playing her new video for "Marry Me," getting her more upset.

The next day, Karlie asks to meet with K Michelle at her photoshoot and they try to hash out their issues with each other. K Michelle of course lost it, and there was almost another altercation, before security promptly escorted her out. My thoughts? Just admit that you don't like each other and don't speak at all. Why waste time and energy when you're not going to get along? 

Next, Scrappy meets with Erica to talk about their fight. Erica gets on him about playing with her emotions, breaking up with her and then coming to get back together. She tells him that their relationship is not going to work because he flip flops so much, like the relationship only remains intact when he wants it to. Scrappy somewhat apologizes, but sets it up to see if he can get off of child support. Now riddle me this. How does the "Prince of the South" or whatever he calls himself, have time to go out to clubs, spend money on bottles, but he can't spend money to take care of his child?!!! Erica refuses to take him off! Why should she? If you can make her, you can care for her too.

That night, Karlie goes over to Benzino's house for their first date. Who goes over to somebody's house on the first date, Karlie? Benzino sets up a really romantic dinner for the two of them, and they seem to connect off the bat. Benzino even gets her a book about films, because she's into movies as well. The couple ends dinner with a good night kiss, and potentially something more, though we don't know for sure.

Rasheeda meets with K and discusses her problems with Kirk. She plans to meet with outside management, which is great. For the sake of Rasheeda and Kirk's marriage, the two of them obviously should not be working together. Later on, Rasheeda meets with Deb Antney and tells her that she wants to take her career to the next level. Deb worries about working with her because of all of the people she's connected with especially D-lo, which is Kirk. Rasheeda worries about dropping Kirk as her manager, but Deb is honest with her. She tells Rasheeda that she needs to reevaluate her career and realize that she is the talent. Rasheeda should be worried about elevating her career, and take along those who are going to best be able to do that. 

Later, Benzino and Stevie meet up to talk about Karlie. The date of course, went well, with Benzino even planning on meeting her family soon?! What? I feel like they really need to slow down. I mean, I know that the show is pieced together from different weeks or whatever, but all of this going to meet each other's families, going over to each other's houses, it seems like it's too soon. Meanwhile, Stevie tells Benzino about Joseline sending threatening texts to Mimi, and how he doesn't want to lose Mimi off of her. He plans to get Mimi alone with him to work things out.

At lunch, Erica talks her mom about her and Scrappy's break up. Erica also mentions that Scrappy had the nerve to ask to be taken off of child support, and Mingnon does not respond kindly. She tells Erica that by choice or by force, Scrappy will be taking care of that baby! I agree wholeheartedly. Scrappy's doing God-knows-what with the money he gets now, doing what I'm not sure, but he needs to be providing for his daughter.

Later, Rasheeda talks with Kirk about the meeting she had with Deb, and plans to bring in someone else possible to co-manage with him. Of course, Kirk takes it the wrong way, since Rasheeda didn't tell him about the meeting, and it looks like he is getting fired. As I said before, I think it's best for their relationship if they just stop working together. Rasheeda clearly wants mainstream success, but she's not going to get it just working with Kirk, and continuing down the road she is. She's only really relevant to me in Atlanta, and that's where she will remain if she doesn't do something different.

To end the episode, Joseline and Mimi meet up at a coffeehouse, where Joseline apologizes for the texts that she sent Mimi. She also admits that Stevie tells them both different things, getting them mad at each other. Joseline also apologizes for getting pregnant by Stevie, and of course, Mimi refuses to believe any of it. And why should she? Joseline knew that Mimi was in the picture, that she and Stevie were really together, and Joseline went along for the ride with Stevie anyway. All in all, Mimi remained calm about the situation. I can only hope that she doesn't get back with Stevie, and just moves forward with her own life, because she doesn't need this type of drama.

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