"Planned Parenthood"-Hollywood Exes S1, E5 (RECAP)

Jessica and Josie go on a bike ride, and Josie shares a secret with her mother.

Time for the recap of Hollywood Exes! Picking up from last week, Nicole and Jessica go for a run on Zuma Beach, and see some gorgeous guys. They talk about Jose, and mention that Jose has not talked to Josie about moving to Boston. Nicole mentions that Jessica should then tell her before she finds out on the internet. It's definitely a terrible move on Jose's part not to talk to his kid, especially for somebody who wanted to "be a part of her life" as much as he claimed to be.

Meanwhile, Andrea calls her best friend Angie who's watching her kids, and catches up on what's going on with them. Even though she wishes she was there herself, she knows that the kids are in good hands. It was hard for her to leave them, as she talks about with Tony, but it's about making a life for her children. 

Later, Nicole heads out shopping with her oldest daughter Bria who is shopping for her first apartment. She's a model who also is getting into acting. Bria asks Nicole if she's going to start modeling again, and Nicole mentions an opportunity to do a billboard in Vegas. She started modeling when she was 13 and stopped when she got married at 25, and kind of misses it. She's nervous, but she has no reason to be! She's GORGEOUS!

Jessica goes on a bike ride with Josie, only to find out that Jose hasn't called her daughter at all and now Jessica has to break the news to her that Jose is moving. Josie is used to Jose not being around, but wishes that he told her herself. Josie is mad. She thinks that the only reason that Jose was talking about coming around was because he was trying to get back with Jessica, which I think is on point.  Meanwhile, she talks to Jessica about going on birth control. She wants Josie to wait, and wishes Jose was around to talk about it with them.

Later, Nicole goes to Las Vegas, taking the photoshoot opportunity with Camille Flawless, who has asked her to be the face of her dress company. She's nervous, but her body looks AMAZING in those dresses! Nicole feels confident and sexy, and realizes that at 40, she's learned a lot and grown, and that makes her even more beautiful than in her 30s and 40s.

Andrea goes to teach her first master class at Millenium, and she has a small turnout, which is disappointing. However, she doesn't let that discourage her because she loves teaching. She's great at it too! However, she knows that she has to do something to get the numbers up, else her class probably won't last long.

Later, the girls meet up for dinner. Jessica speaks to them about Josie's thoughts on birth control and Planned Parenthood, and then talk about their great relationships with their kids. Then Nicole drops the news that she's setting Mayte up on a date. Mayte is automatically nervous, especially with all of the input with the girls. Meanwhile, Andrea hasn't really dated since her divorce. All of the girls have had issues with guys being intimidated by their famous exes. A guy definitely has to be strong to deal with that.

The next day, Jessica comes over to Mayte's house to help her get ready for her blind date. She is really nervous. They go through Mayte's closet and finds a cute, sexy, fitted dress that still covers her, but still flaunts the assets a bit.

Meanwhile, Andrea and Sheree go looking for a guy for Andrea at the Farmers' Market. One of the guys got Sheree together saying "I'm here for tomatoes, not you!" DONE!!! They meet a cute single guy with no kids who loves "blackberries," and start talking with him. He's 40, and doesn't look like it at all! Andrea sees now where the place to find her "swirl" is.

That night, Mayte goes on her blind date with Gary, who's dressed in a hoodie after everything she did. He's funny and makes her laugh, but I don't think they really have a connection. They didn't have any chemistry at all haha! Mayte calls Nicole right after to laugh about it, and plans to spill all of the details later.

The next day, everybody heads over to Mayte's house to hear about the date. There was no love connection, but Nicole refuses to give up on her matchmaking! Everyone agrees that the Prince wedding china has to go, but Mayte also reveals that she has some of Prince's stuff. Everybody, even Mayte's mother Nelly, says that they would sell it! Nelly didn't like him at all as a person because he was too controlling. Mayte pulls out Prince's clothes, with Nicole trying on a shirt, and the ladies smelling it and what not! Sheree wonders if she's still holding on the clothes and the china because she's not ready to accept that it's final. Good point.

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