"Scrappin"-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta S1, E4 (RECAP)

The two go at it.Another Monday gone, another recap of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Picking up from last week, Ariane, K. Michelle, and Mimi meet up at Ariane's apartment since they didn't get to hang out at K. Michelle's showcase because of the drama going on with Stevie. Mimi tells K. Michelle that Joseline is pregnant by Stevie J, and was even carrying around the girl's pregnancy test in his pocket. Mimi claims that she has had enough and that Stevie is inconsistent. K. Michelle tells Mimi that she can reach out to her, and Ariane thinks it's time she walks away. Mimi wants to move forward for her and her daughter, even claiming on her Twitter that she's done. FINALLY! Good for her. Though I hope she stays true to her word. With love, it's easy to relapse.

Meanwhile, Momma Dee goes over to Scrappy's house, and they talk about his and Erica's relationship. Erica's his baby mama, but he can't see them together anymore. It then comes up that he has a best friend in Shay (Buckey from Flavor of Love 2! When I saw her in the promo last week, I was like Lordddd haha), and that maybe she's the real one for him. Scrappy also tells Momma Dee that Stevie J called Erica out of her name, and she tells him he better handle Stevie, which Scrappy has already planned to do.

Later, we find out that Joseline did go to get her abortion. When Stevie goes over to her apartment, she's still mad that he wouldn't even acknowledge that that's her baby. She asks him has he ever really loved her, to which he replies, "I have a lot of love for you" and a kiss on the cheek. Obviously not the same thing. I kind of felt bad for her for a second, because I know exactly what it feels like to really care about somebody and they're not fully reciprocating. But then I flipped back to reality. This girl is delusional anyway. She's messing with somebody else's man in the hopes that he'll fully become hers. If he cheated with you, he'll cheat on you.   

Meanwhile, Erica talks to her mom at her house and thinks everything is oh so great in her and Scrappy's relationship. She wants to be married to him. She has faith that he is not going to mess around anymore even though he's on his own. Her mother is concerned, but Erica tells her that she will be prepared for whatever comes her way, not knowing that, in his mind, Scrappy has already cut her loose.  I honestly think it would have been hilarious if VH1 had edited Erica and Scrappy's scenes with their moms to be playing back and forth to show how they're both thinking COMPLETELY different things about their relationship. I do feel sorry for Erica though.

At Kirk and Rasheeda's house, Rasheeda prepares a romantic dinner for them. She hustles for her career, but she also understands the importance of their marriage and spending quality time together. They have a son together, but Kirk also has four other kids which is a financial strain especially with footing Rasheeda's career bills since she's independent.

Later, Stevie goes to see Mimi, and she goes off on him! He tries to sweet talk her, but Mimi tells him that he was just wrong, point blank period. He asks her how they can fix it, and Mimi can't even deal with it. Stevie tells her that Joseline got an abortion, thinking that makes everything better. Mimi tells him to exit stage left and that she hopes he's happy with Joseline. When Stevie takes a ride with his friend Zino later, Zino gets real with him about his relationship with Mimi. Stevie claims to really want to work things out, but Zino lets him know that if that's true, he needs to learn the word "MONOGAMY," but also focus on his work instead of all of this drama with other women. 

Meanwhile, Shay comes over to Scrappy's house, and he tells her about the situation with Stevie J. Shay doesn't think that he should be sticking up for Erica because that's "just his baby mama." So I don't know if he and Erica broke up off camera, an editor missed a scene, or what. I just know Scrappy was really comfortable rubbing Shay down with that sunscreen! 

Later, Joseline is doing choreography at the studio (though that had to be dancing she already knew from stripping in my opinion), and Stevie goes over to meet with her. He tells her that she has some studio time for her set up and he's ready to work. Joseline is too, and it seems like they've put everything behind them.  When Scrappy goes to meet Stevie at the studio with Erica, Stevie apologizes before he even opens his mouth. Scrappy tells him how he feels respectfully and Stevie does apologize again. What escalated the situation was Joseline opening her big mouth not knowing what in the world is going in, thinking that Erica's messing with Stevie. Here again, I don't understand this girl. How do you fight so hard for somebody who's not even yours and nowhere close to it?! This causes a fight between the couples, Stevie vs. Scrappy, Erica vs. Joseline. Scrappy and Erica go crazy while Joseline still talks trash and Stevie tries to push her in the car to get away.

Rasheeda, Mimi, and K. Michelle meet up with Erica two days after the fight. Of course, the other ladies already have heard about the fight, and Erica gives them the play by play. Erica plans to meet up with Joseline and go off on her again. Meanwhile, at Joseline's apartment, Stevie talks with her about the situation, telling her basically that if she hadn't jumped in, all of that wouldn't have happened, which is true! I don't understand why Joseline is going so hard for him! Crazy. 

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