"Single and Ready to Mingle"-Hollywood Exes S1, E6 (RECAP)

Another new episode of Hollywood Exes! Picking up from last weekNicole meets with her assistant Sandra to go over plans to move out of her house since Nicole recently sold it. Nicole has to pack up and find a new place in 30 days. Sandra gives her some options, and tells her to narrow them down to a few select ones to check out. Definitely stressful to try to do all of that in a month! Nicole is stressed about the lawsuits she has over her stolen money already, and now this!

That night, Andrea, Jessica, and Mayte go to a singles mixer hoping to find some handsome men. They meet Mark the matchmaker who is facilitating the event. At the mixer, these guys are not attractive at all, and there aren't that many of them either. The ladies go in anyway. The matchmakers Mark and Lynn-Ann introduce some group and couple games to see them interact. They all share embarrassing moments and turn-ons with the Toilet Paper game". Later, they split off into pairs where they play "Marooned" and together the pairs have to think of five things they both want on a deserted island.  The ladies had fun, but of course, they would never actually date those guys and were glad when the night was over.

The next day, Nicole goes to look at a house in Calabasas with another realtor. The house is gorgeous, but it's a little small for her big family (remember she has five kids!). She wants to build a movie theater and a bowling alley in which property she picks, so she needs a bigger house. She calls her realtor Bob and he tells her that he has some other houses in Bel Air to look at that might work for her.

Mayte and Andrea go for a walk and joke about the singles mixer. While walking, Tony gives Drea a call and talks about a barber that works at the shop where Tony gets his hair cut. The barber asked about Andrea and wanted to go out on a date with her. Andrea is very reluctant, which I don't understand, because she's always talking about men (but maybe she's for the swirl a little more than I thought!). Tony and Mayte tell her to call him. Mayte eventually talks her into calling Percy, and he asks her out for a date later on in the week to link up. 

Meanwhile, Mayte's mom Nelly is having her 64th birthday and Mayte is giving her a party with a Middle Eastern theme. She plans to do a bellydance performance with the ladies since Mayte has been bellydancing since she was three. In fact, Nelly taught her! The ladies all practice together and do pretty well at their shimmy!

Later, Andrea goes out on a date with Percy. He is FINE!!!! Percy doesn't really know much about her except that she's starting a dance company here. She's nervous about telling him about R. Kelly being her ex. She tells her that she used to dance for her ex-husband, and lays down the bomb about her marriage. He was surprisingly cool with it. All Percy wants is to hang out with her, which really makes Drea feel good. There is definitely potential with these two!

The next day, Drea and Mayte go to the nail salon and get primped for the party. They talk about the date. Andrea tells Mayte that Percy responded well to the "K-bomb," and that she plans to invite him to the party too, with the rest of the ladies sure to grill him.

At the party that night, the ladies showed up in their sexy belly dance outfits. Percy comes through, and the ladies all wonder who he is, since they didn't know that Andrea was seeing anyone. And the grilling begins! We find out that Tony is 32 with two kids, and owns a chain of barbershops. The two kids, however, are by two different women, which of course doesn't sit great with Sheree. However, Percy tells the everyone how amazing he thinks Andrea is, and wants to see where things go.

The girls later do their bellydancing which they do well on. Nelly is very impressed. Mayte does her own solo dance, even balancing a sword on her head! In her eyes, you can see the passion she has for it! Nelly even gets up and does a little shimmy of her own, which is fitting since she first taught Mayte herself. It was just a nice present for Mayte to give her mom.

The next day, Jessica, Nicole and Mayte go out to lunch. Nicole talks about her house situation, stating that she still hasn't found the one for her yet. The conversation quickly switches to Andrea and her new man, which none of them knew about. They are all still kind of skeptical of Percy, but plan to support her. They're just unsure of the relationship right now. I say, Andrea go for it! I mean, it's been three years since her divorce. So what she's new to LA? She needs a little spice in her life! All of the ladies do!

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