"Therapy?"-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta S1, E7 (RECAP)

Picking up from the last episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Mimi goes to the studio to see K. Michelle. She talks about dropping off Stevie's stuff and wonder if she can really fix things with him through counseling. The purpose is really to work on communication with him. K surprises her with a song that talks about Mimi's struggle, which really goes in, which Mimi appreciates.

Meanwhile, Karlie meets up with her manager Malcolm. Karlie talks about all of the outside work she has going on with makeup, hair, etc. (all of which I have yet to hear about), but Malcolm says all of this is from her recording in the studio. He also asks her about her relationship with Benzino. Because some people have bad blood with him, and he is a little washed up, Malcolm doesn't believe it's a good look for Karlie to be with him. He tells her that she needs to focus on her career, which I agree with. Though I don't see her as a superstar artist (or much of a singer at all honestly), hey, if it's something that she really wants, she needs to work on getting better and furthering her career.

Later, we see Joseline in the studio recording some mess when Stevie J comes in. Apparently Joseline didn't tell him about her recording with Fly Dantoni. He threatens to shut her down, seeing as though he
"gave her everything she has." He says he's not going to sleep with her anymore, though Joseline highly doubts it. Neither one of them can separate business from pleasure, and it's hurting both of them in the long run. Joseline wants to be released from her contract with him, which he refuses. What can I say? Joseline, you should have never got emotionally involved, especially when the dude is your producer and is in a relationship!

Meanwhile, Rasheeda and Kirk talk about their marriage and business relationship. Kirk is still upset about Rasheeda meeting with outside management, but also he misses the "old Rasheeda" and wants more time with her. Rasheeda obviously loves him and appreciates what he has done for her. She believes that he should step down a little bit and let her explore some other options in terms of management for the sake of their marriage. I've been saying this since the beginning. Time to separate business and love.

The episode then zooms over to Benzino's house. Benzino and Karlie have been spending a lot of time together it seems. He surprises her with breakfast in bed, and a special surprise gift--the key to his house!  Karlie tells him about the conversation she had with Malcolm, and it gets Benzino upset. He tells her not to worry about what other people say, and focus on the love that they have for each other. I was texting my friend about this last night (I always have to talk with somebody about my shows!), and she brought this time frame that the show was shot in. I don't know at what week this scene was in terms of their relationship, but I hope it was MONTHS in or something. Because giving somebody a KEY to your HOUSE only two weeks in is undeniably crazy!

That night, K. Michelle has a performance at Park Tavern for ATL Live, and Mimi and Erica went to see her. Stevie J and Benzino also performs. Stevie performs a song for Mimi to try to impress her, but it really just ends up making her laugh. It was wack, talking about how he's sick of the arguing and fighting, which he is responsible for! And never once did he apologize or admit his wrong in the song! HA! Stevie comes over to the table and grabs her hand to talk to her, but he still doesn't want to answer questions or admit his wrongs. Mimi is extremely hurt because he was messing with Joseline while she was at home with a baby, and breaks down in tears. He wants to fix it, and Mimi really thinks they should go to therapy. In spite of her hurt and anger, she leaves with him.

At a pool hall, Shay and Scrappy have a little date. He tells Shay about the conversation he had with Erica about the child support, and he thinks she's using that to hold him still. Scrappy apparently proposed a lump sum and he would have been done with monthly child support payments. The more he said, the more it kind of made sense to me. He got an account set up strictly for Imani, but Erica wanted the money in her account, which is shady. Money could start to be put away now for Imani's college fund, or whatever. Shay thinks it's bogus, but she thinks that the two should work it out without getting lawyers involved, which I agree with. That could get really messy.

K Michelle goes to meet Stevie Baggs for a little date. They have a little connection, and plan to watch the game, and go bowling. However, the date then turns into a makeout session randomly, so I guess that bowling was out.

Later, Karlie goes to a meeting with Vince Herbert (music exec, Lady Gaga's manager, and Tamar Braxton's husband). Benzino set it up to prove to Karlie that he isn't washed up in the game, and still has connections. Supposedly, Vince wants to work with her and get her in the studio. At this point, this show is so obviously scripted it's sad. You mean to tell me, all of the greats that Vince has worked with, and now he would LOVE to work with KARLIE REDD?! Please.

K. Michelle had a conversation with her ex, and reveals she wasn't really feeling Stevie. She doesn't want to settle anymore, and wonders why she can't have a stable relationship with butterflies and all. He wonders if she is giving other guys that people say she should date a true opportunity. He thinks that she picks guys that "are in the same lane" as her, when really she needs to pursue guys that have the attributes that she wants in a long-term relationship. Duh. Makes sense. But a lot of women want the bad boy, or the roughneck, so a lot of times the good guy gets overlooked. However, K seems to want to find true love, so maybe she'll take her friend's advice.

Meanwhile, Mimi and Stevie go to therapy to discuss their issues. The therapist wants Stevie to own up to his mistakes, leading into a talk about Stevie's affair with Joseline. Stevie reveals that he fell out of love with Mimi, but the therapist makes him own up to the fact that he is a liar and a cheater. However, he also tells Mimi that she was wrong in enabling his behavior. Why does a man cheat? Because the woman lets him. The therapist then goes into asking about the couple's relationships with their mothers. Mimi's mom was obsessed with Scientology, and kicked her out at a young age. They didn't really communicate for a long while, and now her mother is gone. Mimi is looking for that love that she didn't get from her mother. Stevie didn't have a relationship with his mom at all. I get asking them about their relationships with their moms a little, but I feel like the therapist should have put the focus on their own relationship. Why, Stevie, did you feel the need to reach out to another woman? Did you feel it was okay because of something that Mimi wasn't doing? Why did you "fall out of love with her?" I had a bunch of questions that I would have rather seen answered, but I guess that's really none of my business anyway. I just know "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me," Mimi.

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