"Wine and Dine"-Hollywood Exes S1, E4 (RECAP)

Picking up from the last episode of Hollywood Exes, Nicole calls her lawyer who informs her more information about her lawsuit. It's definitely a stressful situation on her, and she's ready for it to be over. However, she's suing a lot of people, so it's going to take a while to be done.

Meanwhile, Mayte and Sheree go to visit Andrea to tell her the drama with Jessica about Jose moving to Boston. Now what does she tell Josie? He's definitely a douchebag for doing this to them. Mayte then makes an announcement that a friend of hers has a vineyard in Napa Valley and she is inviting everyone to go to a wine tasting. They call Nicole to tell her too. It should be a relaxing time for all of the ladies to get away from their stressful lives, especially Nicole and Jessica.

Headed to Napa, the ladies take a private jet, where Andrea is deathly afraid of take off and starts freaking out and crying. Sheree says a quick prayer, while Andrea's motto is "Keep praying, keep drinking. You're talking to a sinner and a saint!" With her drink, she finally calms down. She and Jessica even start talking about being down for interracial dating (aptly titled "The Swirl"). The ladies land in Napa and go straight to the Auberge Winery which is gorgeous!

Later, they go to a restaurant Bottega, with the executive chef even coming out to greet them. Andrea, of course, was looking! She starts talking about sex moves and that she's willing to learn whatever. Jessica brings up...umm woman ejaculation, and it kind of bothers Sheree who's trying to be all holy since she's now a preacher's wife. However, when she doesn't catch herself and says "ass" in a sentence, all of that's kind of out the window! Again, the drama with Jose comes up, and Jessica reveals that he hasn't told Josie about his moving to Boston. She hasn't talked to him since. The ladies recommended that Jose should be the one to tell Josie himself, which I agree with. He is the one that yet again is leaving Josie without her father. It leads into a conversation about men and fathers that they just don't get it sometimes, whereas moms have more of that nurturing nature to pick up the pieces. Even though Jessica wants Jose in Josie's life, it may not be the best move if he's going to be in and out of her life like he is.

The next day, even though Jessica is dreading it, she knows she has to make a call to Jose. She calls him and basically lays out that he needs to be the one to tell Josie that he's moving to Boston. Jose feels like Jessica didn't say anything about him moving in, and that's why he didn't stay. If that was the case, he should have been more persistent. That's your daughter! Jessica, reaching her breaking point, tells him to call Josie and hang up.

Later, the ladies are greeted at Raymond Vineyards by the president Jean-Charles, who offers them great wine to get the day started. He's smooth and handsome to the ladies, and very flirtatious. Andrea calls him a "Tod," a man who can talk you out your drawers! There is a dog winery too called Frenchie Winery, which I'm assuming is just a day kennel. With every word that Jean-Charles says, Mayte is just falling more and more in love with him. You know her main goal is to find a man and get a baby!

Before lunch, the women head to taste some more wines in the barrel room. It's a romantic setting...perfect to be with your all-girl crew haha! Sheree asks a bunch of questions about the wines while the rest of the ladies sip, and Jessica DRINKS. At the beautiful outdoor lunch, they are all reminded of their great lives before they divorced, and how it's different now. They realize how much of a wake up call they had though and they all had to let it go.

For the last night in Napa, the ladies have a special dinner with Jean-Charles and share stories with him.  He does a special toast without glasses, a supposed Burgundian tradition. The ladies all put their hands up and sings with him. They later go to the Red Room, which looks like a private club, for cheese and dessert. Of course, there is more wine too, to the point where Nicole can't take anymore! Jean-Charles reveals that he designed the room inspired a bit by...his wife which quietly shocks the ladies, especially Mayte, since they all thought they were single. Overall, the ladies had a great, great time on their getaway. Every once in a while, you need some time away! Good to see them having fun!

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