Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta The Reunion Part 1 (RECAP)

Well after the dramatic first season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, viewers were excited to see part 1 of the reunion! I know I was! Executive producer Mona Scott-Young was the host, as all of the cast members were reunited, some of which haven't been together since the season finished wrapping.

From the beginning, Mona and the ladies discussed how the show gets a lot of flack for stereotyping and embarrassing African-American women, with Mimi saying it just is that her story being televised. Mona doesn't think that this show represents all of us but just their stories. While I agree that the show technically doesn't represent all of us (I know I am not a Joseline or a Karlie!), it kind of does. When you have a certain image portrayed on television, people can think that that image is representative of an entire culture. For example, when I went to Australia for my semester abroad, many of the images that Australians sometimes see about Americans (especially college kids) are a lot of partying and other superficial things, which I had to clear up on several occasions. If it's all you see, it's all you will think. But I know that all African-American women don't act like this, so I can watch it for pure entertainment. But that's just me.


"Down to Business"-Hollywood Exes S1, E10 (RECAP)

Hollywood Exes RecapPicking up from last week's episode of Hollywood Exes, Sheree and Nicole go out for breakfast and talk. They talk about Sheree's husband Terrell and Sheree is honestly okay with the time apart as she's in LA, and Terrell is in San Diego as a pastor. She doesn't want to go to San Diego full time, feeling like she will lose her identity. In LA, she's Sheree the independent businesswoman, and in San Diego, she's just the preacher's wife. She doesn't want that. Her life is in LA.                  
Meanwhile, Andrea goes over to Millennium to talk to the owner Robert about her master class and its low attendance. The turnout isn't what she's used to back in Chicago. She's new to the area, but she didn't expect it to be this difficult to get people coming. Robert advises her to have a showcase to introduce herself as a choreographer. Andrea wants it to be a benefit to make a difference as well.

Later, Mayte and Jessica meet up to talk about the argument. Jessica feels bad that Mayte was so upset, and she knows that she touched lightly on the subject of her abortion. She realizes that she needs to be careful when she talks about it (and everything else in general) . Mayte apologizes for the glass throwing too. Jessica opens up more about her back alley abortion, and that it made her have issues with carrying as well, which Mayte didn't know. They connect more from that, because they both know what it means to lose a child. The conversation went well. Friends fight, but they eventually kiss and make up. That's what adults do.


"Smoke and Mirrors"-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 1 Finale!

They are finally O-V-E-R!Can't believe it's already the season finale of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta! It's been a crazy adventure to watch, hasn't it?! To start the episode from last week, Scrappy goes over to Erica's new house. Instead of trying to be back in a relationship, Erica just wants them to be cool and focus on raising their daughter. She doesn't believe him about Shay just being a friend, and feels like they have a lot of the same problems, and are better off apart. Scrappy understands that it's probably for the best.  
Meanwhile, Karlie goes to see Roscoe Dash to see about doing a song together, and they flirt a lot. He asks her is she seeing anybody, and she explains that her situation is complicated. She obviously wants to keep her options open. 

Later, Dr. Jeff meets with both Mimi and Joseline again, and Stevie shows up as well. Dr. Jeff is honest with the ladies and tells them that Stevie is never going to change. However, Joseline is perfectly happy with Stevie the way he is. While Mimi is seriously trying to be in a relationship with this dude, Joseline doesn't care if he has sex with other women or whatever, as long as he takes care of her. Stevie himself claims to be running things, with both of them "riding his bus" apparently. He even had the nerve to walk up in there with an "I Am God" t-shirt, and basically says that he made them both (implying that he can break them too).


"I Was Here"-Beyoncé (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Beyoncé has released her video for her song, "I Was Here," in celebration of World Humanitarian Day tomorrow (Aug. 19). Bey's song of inspiration is part of her efforts to celebrate humanitarian work and encourage people worldwide to help others.

Beyoncé filmed the song in front of a live audience at the United Nations General Assembly Hall in New York last week. The video features clips from others all over the world. Beyoncé, of course, looks stunning and sang beautifully! Check out her performance after the jump!


"The Better Person"-Hollywood Exes S1, E9 (RECAP)

Another episode of Hollywood Exes!  , everything is really tense. Sheree and Andrea go shopping and discuss the situation. Mayte is still upset because she feels like her pain of losing her two children was minimized. Of course the two take Mayte's side and believe that Jessica is all over the place. They both feel like she was insincere in her apology and that's she insecure within herself.

That night, Jessica and Nicole go out to dinner. They both feel like the fight was over the top and inappropriate. Nicole feels like that was a conversation that should have been held between just the two. Jessica sent her texts to try to reach out when she realized that she was upset, and Mayte never responded. The appropriate thing would to have had a conversation like Jessica and Sheree had. Mayte herself crossed the line when she threw the glass. I believe that Mayte has a point in her feelings, but she needed to speak calmly and rationally about it. While Jessica didn't need to push her and call her crazy, Mayte has pain that she needs to work through because it's affecting relationships now with those around her.


"Loyalty Card"-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta S1, E9 (RECAP))

Another episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta! Picking up from last week's DRAMATIC ending, at Dr. Jeff's office, it's obvious that Joseline and Mimi are both getting played STILL. Mimi wants Joseline's side of the story. Joseline claims to Dr. Jeff that she didn't know that Stevie was trying to make things work with Mimi. She says she needs to let it go, but we all know she won't. Dr. Jeff believes it's because she never really had a family and Stevie is giving her that "love" and "support" that she never had. That's why she continually goes back to him.

Meanwhile, Erica meets up with Scrappy in the park after finding out that he brought Shay to his mixtape release party. Scrappy claims that they're just friends, and he's never slept together. The way I see it, Erica, you and Scrappy are done. I know you still have feelings for him, and he's your baby's father, but that doesn't mean you need to be with him or worry about who he's messing with. However, she claims that Scrappy still texts her that he loves her. She worries that Imani sees his pattern of going from girl to girl and might be negatively affected by it, and breaks down. He "wants them to move forward," but what does that really mean?


"Throwing Glasses"-Hollywood Exes S1, E8 (RECAP)

Picking up from last week's dramatic episode of Hollywood Exes, Andrea and Percy go on a date and she tells him about the fight between Jessica and Sheree. Jessica says things without a filter, and Andrea wonders at what point is it just too much? Jessica needs to watch what she says to people. The conversation switches over to their own relationship, and how great it's going. They really like each other, and they make a cute couple.

Meanwhile, Jessica meets up for lunch with Sheree to clear the air. Of course, Jessica is upset about the abortion being thrown in her face, but she also apologizes for flaring up at her. It seems like even though there is a scar on their relationship, they have made up. Every friendship has a blowup, but as long as you fix it, that's what matters most. However, then Jessica brings up that most of the Bible is fake, and gets passages all mixed up, which puts an awkward place on the conversation.


"Three's Company"-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta S1, E8 (RECAP)

Last night's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was PURE DRAMA!!! (But then again, when is it not?) Picking up from last week's episode,  Mimi and Stevie go to the park with their daughter after their therapy session for some family time. At the therapy session, Stevie made a lot of promises, but obviously he has to build his trust back up with Mimi. She doesn't believe that he and Joseline are going to continue strictly a business relationship. Stevie wants to go to therapy with Joseline to work things out, which Mimi can't believe.

Meanwhile, Karlie meets up with Joseline to "clear the air" before they work in the studio. Joseline doesn't want to work with Stevie anymore, and therefore doesn't want to do a song with Karlie. Karlie tells her that she is messing with Benzino, and Joseline just tells her that she should be good to him. She wants to see if they can maybe move forward.

The episode switches over to Scrappy is in the studio with Shay, when Rasheeda walks in to listen to a track she is supposed to collaborate with Scrappy on. When Shay leaves, Rasheeda asks Scrappy what's going on with them, and he tells her that they're just friends for right now.  Rasheeda talked to Erica, who was very hurt that she and Scrappy broke up. Rasheeda also keeps it real and tells him that he can't be walking in and out of Erica's life. However, Scrappy states that he is completely over their relationship.


"Bad Energy"-Hollywood Exes S1, E7 (RECAP)

Another episode of Hollywood Exes! From what I'm hearing, a lot of people are enjoying the classiness of the women on the show. It's funny with a little drama, but not to the extent of other VH1 shows. Picking up from last week, Sheree takes Nicole and Jessica to Beach Bunny for swimsuits and surprises them with a girls' getaway in Palm Springs for some more down time with all of the ladies together.

The ladies ride out to Palm Springs and their guest house is gorgeous! The house is the old estate of Bing Crosby, and may have even been where Marilyn Monroe and JFK had a rendezvous! Allegedly though. Early on in the trip, Jessica finds a cockroach and saves it, as she doesn't believe in killing living things. May sound insignificant, but this is a spark that lights the season's first huge drama.


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