"Bad Energy"-Hollywood Exes S1, E7 (RECAP)

Another episode of Hollywood Exes! From what I'm hearing, a lot of people are enjoying the classiness of the women on the show. It's funny with a little drama, but not to the extent of other VH1 shows. Picking up from last week, Sheree takes Nicole and Jessica to Beach Bunny for swimsuits and surprises them with a girls' getaway in Palm Springs for some more down time with all of the ladies together.

The ladies ride out to Palm Springs and their guest house is gorgeous! The house is the old estate of Bing Crosby, and may have even been where Marilyn Monroe and JFK had a rendezvous! Allegedly though. Early on in the trip, Jessica finds a cockroach and saves it, as she doesn't believe in killing living things. May sound insignificant, but this is a spark that lights the season's first huge drama.

Sheree announces that dinner will be at Circa 59 and talks about ordering meat, which starts a debate with Jessica who is a vegetarian. Jessica says that Sheree is hypocritical and that the Bible says not to kill things before their time, causing Sheree to storm off. At dinner, there is still tension between the two. Sheree slips and doesn't pray over her bread. The conversation stems off into humor, but then flips back to a fight when Nicole orders pate. However, Jessica eats crab cakes, which comes from a living thing, so it was thought to be hypocritical of her. However, she says crustaceans don't have feelings, and continues smacking on her crab cake.

The next day, Andrea, Sheree, and Mayte go shopping at a designer vintage store. Jessica and Nicole stay behind to chill at the pool and have drinks. To prove a point, Mayte has a plan to get live lobsters for dinner. Meanwhile Jessica is drinking and dancing and dancing and drinking. She and Nicole are partying and having a good time. The other ladies sneak the lobsters in the tub, and see Jessica passed out drunk.

While dinner is being made, Andrea brings up Percy, and thinks that he's a good fit. Some kind of way the conversation switches to Drea's actual wedding with R. Kelly. Apparently, he set up the whole wedding for them, just them in Colorado. She knows that not everything about their relationship was bad.

Before dinner, Mayte reveals her plan to prove a point to Jessica. Jessica later joins them on the patio, and Mayte tells her that they are having lobster for dinner.. It upsets Jessica, but  the other girls debate that there is a hierarchy in life. Apparently, off camera, Jessica had recently told the girls that she had an abortion, and Andrea brings up that that wasn't humane. Sheree opens her mouth to join in the conversation, and Jessica tells her not to say anything when she drinks alcohol off camera. People think it's crazy that she saved a cockroach, but could abort her baby. I understand what they are saying, but I think that that is really wrong of them to bring that up to push in her face. An abortion is a personal decision, and while I don't necessarily agree with it, I do think that a woman has a right to choose. That was Jessica's decision, and she shouldn't be judged or looked down on it.

To Jessica, Sheree went too far and she refuses to forgive her. The fight makes for a very awkward dinner. Sheree thinks that she's being very childish and unreasonable. Jessica throws little jabs at her, and eventually walks away, with everyone else irritated at her. Yes, Jessica is a wild child, but she didn't deserved to be jumped on like that. I'd be pissed too.

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