"Down to Business"-Hollywood Exes S1, E10 (RECAP)

Hollywood Exes RecapPicking up from last week's episode of Hollywood Exes, Sheree and Nicole go out for breakfast and talk. They talk about Sheree's husband Terrell and Sheree is honestly okay with the time apart as she's in LA, and Terrell is in San Diego as a pastor. She doesn't want to go to San Diego full time, feeling like she will lose her identity. In LA, she's Sheree the independent businesswoman, and in San Diego, she's just the preacher's wife. She doesn't want that. Her life is in LA.                  
Meanwhile, Andrea goes over to Millennium to talk to the owner Robert about her master class and its low attendance. The turnout isn't what she's used to back in Chicago. She's new to the area, but she didn't expect it to be this difficult to get people coming. Robert advises her to have a showcase to introduce herself as a choreographer. Andrea wants it to be a benefit to make a difference as well.

Later, Mayte and Jessica meet up to talk about the argument. Jessica feels bad that Mayte was so upset, and she knows that she touched lightly on the subject of her abortion. She realizes that she needs to be careful when she talks about it (and everything else in general) . Mayte apologizes for the glass throwing too. Jessica opens up more about her back alley abortion, and that it made her have issues with carrying as well, which Mayte didn't know. They connect more from that, because they both know what it means to lose a child. The conversation went well. Friends fight, but they eventually kiss and make up. That's what adults do.

Nicole is busy trying to get her clothing line, Open Hours, off the ground. The line gives buyers clothes that are comfortable but still looks good for traveling. Nicole is presenting the fashion line to potential buyers, and goes to meet with her business partner Jamie. She was thinking that everything was going to be done, but it wasn't. The clothes weren't finished, and a model was even too short for her outfit! Nicole is freaking out because things HAVE to be on point for this gathering.

Later, Jessica and Andrea go out for dinner. Andrea plans to recruit all of the ladies to work at her benefit which will raise money for her foundation, the 12th Round Foundation. The foundation itself focuses on domestic violence. It turns out that Andrea herself was in an abusive relationship. At a young age, domestic violence was normal to her, and that gave her a screwed up view of love. When she was an adult, she still stuck with that, and thought that it was how you showed love. Now she can talk about it as a survivor, and the benefit will be a great way to showcase her choreography as well as the foundation.

The next day, Mayte meets with her manager who threw her name in the hat for a dancing competition film. Her potential role is going to be set in Germany, where interestingly enough is where she met Prince! Later, Andrea is auditioning dancers for her showcase, and asks Mayte to help her. Some of the dancers are great and work well for the cabaret, which better be amazing if Miss Drea wants people coming to her master class!

Meanwhile, Sheree meets with executives from Fred Segal to promote Whoop Ash. She pulls out the product to get the president's opinion. He believes that the product works nicely, but is taken aback by the name. He is looking for another elegant name that will go along with the brand, but will also expand markets. Whoop Ash (with the name itself) honestly sounds like it belongs only in CVS and your local beauty supply, so changing the name may be something to think about. I mean, can you really see Fred Segal promoting a product called Whoop Ash?! Ha!

Later, Andrea meets up with her assistant Tony, and other members who are working on her benefit. Andrea's project manager gives a venue that is really small and won't fit all of her dancers and attendees. Right now, she is out of a venue. This show is going to determine how her career at Millennium and her dance company is going to go. She does not want to have to go back to Chicago with her tail in between her legs like she couldn't make it there. They have to get a venue...like yesterday! Meanwhile, Mayte practices for her audition and reads it out loud with her mom. Nelly tried to read, but her acting skills are a MESS. So overdramatic, Mayte thinks she belongs in a telanovela!

That night was the night of Nicole's big presentation for her clothes. She gets there, and absolutely NOTHING is set up! Her business manager is late, the clothes are missing, there's no music, nothing. Jessica comes in, and Nicole is completely bugging out. Jessica and Sheree help set up with drinks, so the partygoers will be a little more patient. The fact that your guests had to help set up is sad. Though Nicole is visibly upset, she tries to keep her calm. Eventually the models step out in the clothes, and people's reactions make her feel a lot better. Everyone loves it! She shops it as comfort and cuteness on travel, and a buyer wants to set up a meeting. Nicole's daughter Bria even comes out to support! Though it was completely chaotic, the whole event was worth it.

Next week is the SEASON FINALE of Hollywood Exes! Be sure to check it out next Wednesday at 9 p.m. on VH1!

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