Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta The Reunion Part 1 (RECAP)

Well after the dramatic first season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, viewers were excited to see part 1 of the reunion! I know I was! Executive producer Mona Scott-Young was the host, as all of the cast members were reunited, some of which haven't been together since the season finished wrapping.

From the beginning, Mona and the ladies discussed how the show gets a lot of flack for stereotyping and embarrassing African-American women, with Mimi saying it just is that her story being televised. Mona doesn't think that this show represents all of us but just their stories. While I agree that the show technically doesn't represent all of us (I know I am not a Joseline or a Karlie!), it kind of does. When you have a certain image portrayed on television, people can think that that image is representative of an entire culture. For example, when I went to Australia for my semester abroad, many of the images that Australians sometimes see about Americans (especially college kids) are a lot of partying and other superficial things, which I had to clear up on several occasions. If it's all you see, it's all you will think. But I know that all African-American women don't act like this, so I can watch it for pure entertainment. But that's just me.

Mona asks all of the ladies questions from the public, starting with Karlie's age. She claims that she was born in 1985, which would make her the same age as K.Michelle which is about 26, 27. Karlie, girl, stop lying. You look good for about 35, 40, but there's no need to lie about your age! She doesn't look at all like 26! Another viewer asks if any of them have had any plastic surgery. K. Michelle admits that she got her teeth and breasts done, while Karlie did her breasts, and Joseline got the breasts and teeth as well. The other ladies say that they are all natural. Since we were on the topic of enhancements, Mona asks Joseline the oh-so-popular question if she was ever a man? Of course, Joseline says no, and Mona even says that she saw her privately taking her pregnancy test, and that she is a woman (though that hardly proves anything if there was reconstructive surgery). I used to say that Joseline was a man, but to be honest, I stopped caring. It's then revealed that Joseline has had quite the trouble with the law, being in jail more than 20 times (they even showed one of her ugly mugshots!).

The show switches focus over to Karlie Redd who stayed in everybody's business this season. She says that she tried to keep it real of course, by telling Mimi what was going on with Stevie J.She also reveals that she had a daughter, but she refuses to put her anywhere in the show. Karlie also addresses the drama over her saying that she was signed to Cash Money, but she isn't (which was cleared up by the label themselves)! Her manager is under them, or something like that, but she clearly said that she herself was signed. Which I didn't believe for a second anyway.

The drama heads to K. Michelle and Rasheeda, since Rasheeda still doesn't believe that Memphitz hit K. I still don't get how Rasheeda feels she knows that. Just because a man acts a certain way now, doesn't mean that he doesn't have a past. That goes for anyone honestly. The first fight almost breaks out between them, as things get a little heated. Rasheeda is escorted off stage to calm down.

Later, Stevie, Joseline, Erica, and Scrappy take the stage to discuss their fight. Stevie had called Erica a bxtch in an earlier, and he apologized. Then Joseline jumped in and set everything off! Scrappy said that his intention was to get Stevie to apologize, not to fight. Joseline knows that everything popped off because of her. While Scrappy also called Joseline a bxtch, that wasn't Joseline's problem. She claims that Erica got loud with her and that's what got things started. Momma Dee then joins the stage, and of course, has to stand up for her baby boy. She admits that she told Scrappy to go after Stevie because she felt that their "kingdom" was disrespected. Whatever.

Of course, the episode had to feature the Stevie/Mimi/Joseline love triangle. Stevie, Joseline, Mimi and Ariane hit the stage. Stevie says that he loves Mimi, but they're "working" on being in love again. He doesn't think that he's the marrying type, which we all can clearly see. Mimi wanted that happily ever after with him way in the back of her mind, whereas Joseline herself is only loving him for the sex and money (she said that out of her mouth!). Stevie then goes in on Ariane for dissing him throughout the season, but Ariane claims that she was the support system that Mimi needed. Mimi also clears up the fact that she was never with Stevie for the money, and that she's self-sufficient.

When Joseline got pregnant, Mona asks her if she was hurt that Stevie had doubts about his being the father. Stevie was harsh, but he also said that Joseline said she had sex with a baseball player. Deep down though, Stevie believed that that was his baby. Stevie made a suggestion to tell Joseline to have an abortion, but Joseline just didn't want to have a baby period. She herself made the decision to get back together, but Stevie and Mimi are still separated, but neither of them rule out getting back together. If Mimi gets back with this man....I'm flying down to Atlanta to personally hit her with a frying pan!

That was just the first part! Things get more heated on the second part of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta The Reunion next Monday on VH1 at 8 p.m.!

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