"Loyalty Card"-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta S1, E9 (RECAP))

Another episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta! Picking up from last week's DRAMATIC ending, at Dr. Jeff's office, it's obvious that Joseline and Mimi are both getting played STILL. Mimi wants Joseline's side of the story. Joseline claims to Dr. Jeff that she didn't know that Stevie was trying to make things work with Mimi. She says she needs to let it go, but we all know she won't. Dr. Jeff believes it's because she never really had a family and Stevie is giving her that "love" and "support" that she never had. That's why she continually goes back to him.

Meanwhile, Erica meets up with Scrappy in the park after finding out that he brought Shay to his mixtape release party. Scrappy claims that they're just friends, and he's never slept together. The way I see it, Erica, you and Scrappy are done. I know you still have feelings for him, and he's your baby's father, but that doesn't mean you need to be with him or worry about who he's messing with. However, she claims that Scrappy still texts her that he loves her. She worries that Imani sees his pattern of going from girl to girl and might be negatively affected by it, and breaks down. He "wants them to move forward," but what does that really mean?

Later, Joseline goes to Benzino's to look for Stevie. She tells Benzino about the whole situation. Benzino doesn't see Joseline moving on at all, and admits that Stevie cares about both Joseline and Mimi. Joseline wants to sit down with both him and Mimi in therapy again.

When Scrappy tells Momma Dee about his conversation with Erica and about their plan to get back together, she is NOT feeling it. She feels like Erica "left him for dead" during his asthma attack, and isn't the right fit for her. Meanwhile, Erica and Rasheeda go shopping, and vent about the men in their life. Erica thinks that they are holding on to something that isn't going to work out. Rasheeda herself is stressing about her situation with Kirk and her meeting with Deb. Erica tells her to pick a nice piece of lingerie and have a romantic night with her husband.

Meanwhile, Benzino and Karlie go out for drinks. They talk about the photoshoot and Vince. Benzino feels like everything revolves around her and her career, and maybe not their relationship. She feels like he wants her to just stay home, but he just doesn't want to talk about her career and the music industry all the time.

Later, it's revealed that Karlie and Joseline have been hanging out a lot, and they go rock climbing together. Joseline tells her about snapping off on Stevie, but she wants to go back to therapy to get the full story about him and Mimi. Karlie has been gone from Benzino's house, because to her, he's been acting crazy. Her managers are still telling her not to mess with Karlie.

That night, Rasheeda and Kirk go out to a romantic dinner. She has decided not to work with Deb, which is stupid. Deb will definitely take her career to the next level, but she doesn't want to hurt Kirk. Since she made this decision, I don't want to hear any more complaints from her if Kirk doesn't do something as her management again. I think it's possible that this might have a negative effect on her marriage as well, but hey, it's her life. She has also been thinking about renewing their vows in a small ceremony with the kids and close family and friends, which will be nice for them.

Benzino and Stevie go to the strip club for a couple of drinks just to kick it. They talk about the therapy session. Stevie wants them both, and it doesn't work that way. Benzino also talks about his being upset because he feels like Karlie only talks about her career. Later, Benzino goes to see Mimi at the car wash because he doesn't want any bad blood between them. He wants her, Stevie, and Joseline to come to some type of common ground. Benzino downplays the fact that Stevie cheated, saying that Mimi and Stevie have known each other for 15 years, and that one woman is not bad. He even calls her Joseline! The whole conversation is a bust. I would have walked out of there even angrier than before!

Meanwhile, Rasheeda and Erica go to a performance by K Michelle for Save Our Daughters. K Michelle plans to talk about her experience with domestic violence. Rasheeda wants her to grow, but Memphitz is married to her close friend Toya (of course, names are never mentioned on the show, but we ALL know by now who it is). Memphitz claims it didn't happen, and it was years ago. At K's performance, she is dressed in a wedding gown, and talks about her experience with Memphitz. She had dreams of walking down the aisle with a man that she loved, but of course, things changed. I know that she's going through the healing process, but she needs to stop talking about it so much in interviews. Memphitz may never apologize (though he should), and I feel like she needs to be worried about her career and future other than just Memphitz.

Karlie talks with Benzino about his anger, but he just feels like their conversation is limited to just her career. He knows that he has a temper problem, but Karlie wonders what the solution is. Benzino says that Karlie's career is taking up both lanes, and the love is a two-way street. Then it comes out that Karlie worked with someone that her mother wanted her to hook up with, and his jealousy comes out.

The next day, Rasheeda and K meet up to talk about her performance. Of course, Rasheeda feels uncomfortable about the situation because she is close friends with Toya and Memphitz. Memphitz did send a tweet to K saying that he basically made her, and she feels like he should at least apologize. Rasheeda had the nerve to say that maybe it didn't actually happen. K feels like she still has to deal with it, and who is Rasheeda to say that it didn't happen?! She angrily walks away from her.

The season finale of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is next Monday at 8 p.m. ET on VH1! And it's sure to be filled with more drama and ratchetness, so stay tuned!

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