"Smoke and Mirrors"-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 1 Finale!

They are finally O-V-E-R!Can't believe it's already the season finale of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta! It's been a crazy adventure to watch, hasn't it?! To start the episode from last week, Scrappy goes over to Erica's new house. Instead of trying to be back in a relationship, Erica just wants them to be cool and focus on raising their daughter. She doesn't believe him about Shay just being a friend, and feels like they have a lot of the same problems, and are better off apart. Scrappy understands that it's probably for the best.  
Meanwhile, Karlie goes to see Roscoe Dash to see about doing a song together, and they flirt a lot. He asks her is she seeing anybody, and she explains that her situation is complicated. She obviously wants to keep her options open. 

Later, Dr. Jeff meets with both Mimi and Joseline again, and Stevie shows up as well. Dr. Jeff is honest with the ladies and tells them that Stevie is never going to change. However, Joseline is perfectly happy with Stevie the way he is. While Mimi is seriously trying to be in a relationship with this dude, Joseline doesn't care if he has sex with other women or whatever, as long as he takes care of her. Stevie himself claims to be running things, with both of them "riding his bus" apparently. He even had the nerve to walk up in there with an "I Am God" t-shirt, and basically says that he made them both (implying that he can break them too).

Mimi goes to meet with Ariane after to talk about the session. She's now really looking at herself like why in the world is she still in this unhealthy relationship. She refuses to wait on Stevie and wants to focus on her cleaning business. Ariane's just glad she finally saw the light!

At the studio, Scrappy talks to Shay about his conversation with Erica. He tells her that he thought about getting back with her, but then when it didn't happen, now he wants to come running back to Shay. Of course, she's hurt because she feels like he's playing with her emotions. If you're going to be with her, be with her, but don't string her along and have her as a back up to your star player (*side eye to a former friend of mine*).

At Benzino's office, Scrappy goes to talk to him about his possible proposal to Karlie. Benzino is having trust issues with her, because he's been hearing stuff around that she's been going around on dates with other men. He has the ring ready but he's not sure about taking that step. Later, Stevie and Joseline go to talk. Joseline wants to only be business partners (sure) and move on with her career. Because she's Joseline Hernandez baby, she'll be a star, in her mind, with or without him.

Later, K Michelle and Erica go furniture shopping for Erica's new house. Apparently Erica is moving on from Scrappy with her realtor! K mentions her disagreement with Rasheeda about the abuse she suffered, and is clearly upset. Erica advises her to have a mature conversation with Rasheeda about it.

In the studio, Stevie is working with another artist, Che Mack, and brings Joseline down. He wants her to work with Che Mack but Joseline would rather work on her own things. Joseline is obviously upset about him working with other female artists. She KNOWS that he will do the same things with them that he did with her, yet she continues to hold on to him.

K. Michelle goes to talk to Rasheeda, and tries to get her to see where she is coming from. K claims that her story has never changed, but Memphitz tells different stories when asked about the abuse. K wants to let it all out because she's so hurt behind it BUT it's time for her to STOP TALKING ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME!!!! Even now, there is a new story every week about her and her abuse. While I understand that she's hurt, and she feels the need to let it all out now, she needs to be looking at her career. Though I think something did happen, she's making herself look crazy to readers, viewers, media, record executives, etc. I liked her before the show, and she's really talented, but the drama is overshadowing that right now. I say, go see a therapist for extensive sessions and work through it.

Benzino has plans to propose to Karlie. Karlie is confused with him right now because they haven't been talking like they used to. Benzino tells her that he sincerely loves and cares for her, but Karlie doubts it. Benzino pops out the ring, but all of a sudden he takes it back. He ends it because he couldn't take Karlie having doubts about their relationship, though he had doubts as well.

Stevie goes over to Mimi's client's house where she is working to talk to her. He apologizes for his actions, but Mimi knows that she is partly to blame for holding on and accepting what he does. Things don't ever get better in their relationship, no matter what he says. She blatantly says that she does not want to be in a relationship with him anymore. While Stevie claims to have given her everything she has, she ends it all and they part ways.

At the end of the episode, we see all of the stars' growth (or lack thereof) and resolution to the first season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Rasheeda has her vow renewal ceremony with Kirk, which was a beautiful moment for them and their family. Karlie is seen in the studio with Roscoe Dash, recording and flirting (could it be a new relationship?). K. Michelle is also working on her career, and declares herself to be a "work in progress." Erica, meanwhile, is settling into her new life without Scrappy, and possibly might be looking for another man. Scrappy is not trying to be tied down to anybody right now, but plans on being a good father to Emani. Joseline, who swears up and down that she is a superstar, is doing concerts and continuing her plans to make it big. Meanwhile, Stevie is the same old player taking advantage of girls who want record deals. Mimi is good being with just herself and her daughter, and is moving on from Stevie.

Now next week is Part 1 of the LHHATL reunion. Unfortunately, VH1 didn't have a preview right after the episode so I haven't seen it yet, but I know that it's sure to be a ratchet and ridiculous (shout out to Tamar Braxton) good time!!! Check it out next Monday at 8 p.m. only on VH1!

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