"The Better Person"-Hollywood Exes S1, E9 (RECAP)

Another episode of Hollywood Exes!  , everything is really tense. Sheree and Andrea go shopping and discuss the situation. Mayte is still upset because she feels like her pain of losing her two children was minimized. Of course the two take Mayte's side and believe that Jessica is all over the place. They both feel like she was insincere in her apology and that's she insecure within herself.

That night, Jessica and Nicole go out to dinner. They both feel like the fight was over the top and inappropriate. Nicole feels like that was a conversation that should have been held between just the two. Jessica sent her texts to try to reach out when she realized that she was upset, and Mayte never responded. The appropriate thing would to have had a conversation like Jessica and Sheree had. Mayte herself crossed the line when she threw the glass. I believe that Mayte has a point in her feelings, but she needed to speak calmly and rationally about it. While Jessica didn't need to push her and call her crazy, Mayte has pain that she needs to work through because it's affecting relationships now with those around her.

The next day, Sheree talks to her manufacturer about her product, Whoop Ash. The sample she received is very inconsistent with what she wanted, and now she literally has no product to show. If it can't be reproduced, she knows that she'll have to go someplace else.

Meanwhile, Nicole goes over to Mayte's house to find out what's really going on with her. Nicole is honest with her and says that she didn't like Mayte's response. She tells her that she and Jessica need to have a heart to heart about it, but Mayte is done with the situation. She doesn't plan on apologizing for her actions. She doesn't think that they need to talk about it at all, and is happy to just sweep it under the rug. But then their friendship will honestly become more of a acquaintanceship. You can't truly be friends with someone you have grudges and unresolved problems with.

Later, Nicole meets with Camille Flawless who just did a photoshoot with Nicole for her clothing line. Nicole is nervous about how the pictures came out, but she shouldn't be because she's FREAKING GORGEOUS! The pictures are all beautiful. The hardest part is going to be picking a picture for the billboard and Camille's online website. Camille also tells Nicole that the ad will be featured in Vogue Magazine.

Sheree and Jessica meet and Sheree tries to get her to take responsibility for her role in the fight with Mayte. She belives that because Mayte wouldn't accept the apology, Jessica went into defense mode. Sheree wants them to get past it, but Jessica doesn't want to talk about it. In fact, Jessica doesn't even want to sit in the room with her. Sheree challenges her to try to connect to Mayte's pain, and reach out to her. Somebody does have to be the bigger person.

Later, Andrea and Percy go out on a date. She wants to take it slow, but Percy is obviously more on a fast pace. Andrea is glad that Percy came to her, because she was only moving to LA to start her dance company, not to find someone. Percy thinks that maybe they should be together, but Andrea is scared because she doesn't want to be vulnerable again. She doesn't know if they are ready for that type of commitment. I say she should go for it, but the fear is something that she will have to get past.

Later, Sheree meets with Mayte to see where her head is with the fight. Lo and behold at dinner, the ladies get a text from Jessica inviting them all to a polo match. Mayte thinks it was an accident that Jessica sent the group text from her. When Sheree text Jessica to ask if it was intentional, she said of course, which shocks Mayte. Mayte wants to just let it go. However, she realizes that she has anger issues, and thinks maybe she wants to go to therapy. She doesn't know if she'll be at the polo match though.

The next day, Jessica and Nicole go to Vegas to check out the billboard and see the photo that Camille chose. They go on a hunt for the billboard. Jessica sees it first, and then Nicole turns around and sees how AMAZING she looks! They cheers to it with champagne. I mean, come on, Nicole's 44, and has FIVE kids, and her body is SICK (if you saw the pictures, you understand the caps!). Now, Nicole thinks that she could really return to modeling, though I don't know why she ever though she couldn't!

Later, Mayte chooses to go to a therapist and try to work on the issues she has. She admits that it's hard being around the other ladies when they have their children, and then Jessica talking about her abortion was even harder. It's emotional for Mayte because she stuffed her feelings down for so long, and now it turns to anger and rage. The therapist tells her that she is a mom who lost her child. In a way, it makes her happy because she's never heard that she's a mom. I guess she felt that she wasn't a mom because she lost her kids. It's a bittersweet feeling, but maybe now Mayte will be able to heal. It's not a situation to get over, and she will never be over it, but maybe she will find some peace with it.

At the polo match, Jessica and Nicole are chilling, when Andrea AND Mayte comes. Of course, Jessica is shocked because she didn't hear that Mayte was coming. While watching the polo match, the conversation switches to Percy and Andrea, and she's feeling a little suffocated. She wants to date and explore first, especially since she got out of a marriage not too long ago. The ladies all tell her that she needs to break the news to Percy. At halftime, they go out to the field to stomp divots. After the tradition, Jessica pulled Mayte aside to talk. Jessica is sad about the situation, but feels like Mayte should have reached out to her and that there are bigger issues than this. They need to sit down and have a private conversation at a later date that's more appropriate. Mayte just wants her to really apologize without a rebuttal. It's still unsure if they will fix things. I hope so. I would hate for a friendship to be ruined because of this.

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