"Three's Company"-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta S1, E8 (RECAP)

Last night's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was PURE DRAMA!!! (But then again, when is it not?) Picking up from last week's episode,  Mimi and Stevie go to the park with their daughter after their therapy session for some family time. At the therapy session, Stevie made a lot of promises, but obviously he has to build his trust back up with Mimi. She doesn't believe that he and Joseline are going to continue strictly a business relationship. Stevie wants to go to therapy with Joseline to work things out, which Mimi can't believe.

Meanwhile, Karlie meets up with Joseline to "clear the air" before they work in the studio. Joseline doesn't want to work with Stevie anymore, and therefore doesn't want to do a song with Karlie. Karlie tells her that she is messing with Benzino, and Joseline just tells her that she should be good to him. She wants to see if they can maybe move forward.

The episode switches over to Scrappy is in the studio with Shay, when Rasheeda walks in to listen to a track she is supposed to collaborate with Scrappy on. When Shay leaves, Rasheeda asks Scrappy what's going on with them, and he tells her that they're just friends for right now.  Rasheeda talked to Erica, who was very hurt that she and Scrappy broke up. Rasheeda also keeps it real and tells him that he can't be walking in and out of Erica's life. However, Scrappy states that he is completely over their relationship.

The next day, Karlie has a feature with Hip Hop Weekly (which Benzino runs) and does a photoshoot, courtesy of Benzino. He asks her to straighten things out with her management, and she promises she will, calling him the "pieces to her puzzle." She even gets him a chain with a puzzle piece, and has her own as well. The puzzle pieces connect, just like a BFF chain. Cheesy, but cute.

That night, Rasheeda goes to perform her new song with Scrappy. K. Michelle, Mimi, and Ariane meet up with her to see her perform. Before the show, Rasheeda tells them about Scrappy talking to Shay. Rasheeda hasn't told Erica. However, when Shay appears out of NOWHERE to say hello to Rasheeda, K thinks that it's only right to tell her the truth.

The next day, Mimi takes a ride with Ariane and talks about the therapy session, which of course, Ariane's against. Mimi also reveals that Stevie wants Joseline in the next session for Mimi to "be comfortable with Joseline," However, it's obvious that Joseline isn't going to stop messing with him. However, Mimi wants her there because she wants EVERYTHING out in the open. On the inside, though, Mimi wants them to work things out, especially since that have a daughter together.

Later, K. Michelle meets Erica for drinks to tell her about Scrappy messing with Shay. Erica is speechless, but then realizes that that's how he is. He always has to find a girl to be around. Erica gets teary-eyed when thinking about her daughter who always questions her father not always being around. It's clear that she is also upset about this new girl walking in not long after she and Scrappy broke up.

Meanwhile, Mimi goes to spread her mother's ashes across the water with Ariane and her brother, which was her mother's final wish. Though Mimi didn't have the best relationship with her, she wanted to honor her. It's an emotional moment for Mimi, but she realized that if she didn't forgive her, she would be a resentful and hating person. It was a beautiful moment to see. In the meantime, Benzino plans to get Karlie some jewels to show her some love, and ends up finding a ring. Will he propose? This early?

Kirk and Rasheeda go to meet with Deb Atney, potentially Rasheeda's new management. Deb believes that it's his management that is the common denominator in Rasheeda's failure as an artist. Of course, Kirk takes offense, but Rasheeda lays out the truth that there needs to be some growth in her career. Deb, however, wants to move forward without Kirk. In the car after the meeting, he felt like she didn't acknowledge the good that he's done, with Rasheeda insisting that she wants to go to another level with Deb. She wants him to support her decision, which is hard for Kirk to accept.

At Benzino's, Stevie goes over to shoot pool and tells him of his plan to go to counseling with both Mimi and Joseline, of course, confusing Benzino. Benzino knows that to Stevie, he doesn't care about the two of them being there together, but the women are looking at it like which one will he choose? Stevie apparently wants to "be a team," whatever that means. The conversation switches over to Karlie, with Benzino thinking he might propose. There definitely has to be some time lapses in this shooting. Week one of their relationship, they're sleeping together. Week two, Karlie gets a key, and then week three, they might get engaged?! This relationship is definitely on the fast track!

The next day at the therapy session with Dr. Jeff, Stevie is definitely trying to work things out with Mimi, while she, of course is skeptical. They acknowledge the changes in communication that they have made, when Joseline walks in, even she doesn't get why she's there. When Stevie dabs Joseline's sweat on her nose, Mimi is upset and Dr. Jeff calls him out on it. Though Stevie sees it as nothing, it's obvious that he still has feelings for Mimi to be doing all of this. When Mimi informs Joseline that she's still staying in the house, Joseline proceeds to beat on him (because apparently she went to see him two days before the session)! As Joseline jacks him up, Mimi sits on the sideline, trying not to get hit, but laughing on the inside. Stevie walks away from the session, while security has to keep Joseline calm!!! Definitely an explosive ending to the episode!

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