"Throwing Glasses"-Hollywood Exes S1, E8 (RECAP)

Picking up from last week's dramatic episode of Hollywood Exes, Andrea and Percy go on a date and she tells him about the fight between Jessica and Sheree. Jessica says things without a filter, and Andrea wonders at what point is it just too much? Jessica needs to watch what she says to people. The conversation switches over to their own relationship, and how great it's going. They really like each other, and they make a cute couple.

Meanwhile, Jessica meets up for lunch with Sheree to clear the air. Of course, Jessica is upset about the abortion being thrown in her face, but she also apologizes for flaring up at her. It seems like even though there is a scar on their relationship, they have made up. Every friendship has a blowup, but as long as you fix it, that's what matters most. However, then Jessica brings up that most of the Bible is fake, and gets passages all mixed up, which puts an awkward place on the conversation.

Later, Nicole and her realtor friend Bob go to check out a house in Bel Air, which is definitely a fixer-upper, but it has potential. The view is incredible, which wins Nicole over, and she plans to put in an offer on the house.

Mayte goes to a fertility clinic to discuss freezing her eggs. She really wants a baby, and wants to know her options. After some tough questions about her previous pregnancies, Mayte learns about options to actually grow the number of eggs she produces through injections and medications. She would maybe have a 40-50%+ chance to become pregnant, but the only thing is that women over 35 don't have a great chance.

Nicole goes to get her eyebrows done at Jessica's cosmetic business. Bob calls her, and the sellers for the Bel Air house have accepted her offer! It's a huge burden off of Nicole's shoulders, though she is definitely going to have to work on that house.

At dinner, Mayte talks to Sheree and Drea about her disappointing fertility appointment. It's of course emotional for her. Drea switches the conversation to the fight in Palm Springs and joke about how Sheree might be a preacher's wife, but she ain't no punk! Sheree mentions that she and Jessica did kind of work things out. However, she's not totally over it. Mayte is hurt as well over the abortion. It, of course, hit her hard, because it seemed like it was nothing to Jessica to get one.  When Sheree explained it, I understood it better. Jessica said it nonchalantly around Mayte, who so desperately wants a child, so of course it would be upsetting to have to hear.

Jessica takes Josie for a walk on the beach to tell her something important. She tells Josie about her abortion back in high school, and believes that the experience was a learning one for her. She doesn't want Josie to make the same mistakes in her own life.

All the ladies go to dinner, which is a little awkward, because things haven't been settled completely with Jessica. Mayte wastes no time addressing the "elephant in the room," with Jessica telling everyone about the abortion so nonchalantly. Jessica apologizes but tells her that she should have mentioned it to her. Though Mayte is not against abortion, which Jessica finds "interesting." Mayte snaps when Jessica calls her crazy. When Jessica tells her to calm down, Mayte slams down her glass on the table, and yells at Jessica, before Andrea pulls her away.

Nicole thinks it's unfair that Mayte lashed out at Jessica, but Drea and Sheree of course, take Mayte's side. I feel like it was unfair as well, because Jessica apologized to Mayte and tried to reach out to her before the dinner twice. Mayte ignored her. I understand that Mayte is upset, but she shouldn't have gone off like that.

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