"The Perks of Being A Rookie"-Battle of the Seasons Episode 2 (RECAP)

Watch The Full EpisodeI'm LOVING Battle of the Seasons! Fresh off the first challenge, everybody is at the beach club partying, and having a good time. Meanwhile, Melinda is missing her boyfriend and is dealing with Danny being there. Danny has a lady at home too. Both of them obviously have to be very cautious and learn to work together since they are the last people from Austin left.

Later that night, the house gets a clue from TJ for the next day's challenge: "A lot of you have pulled some slick moves in the past. Better bring your A game tomorrow." After the text is read, it is clear that the alliances have started and everyone is plotting and scheming...while St. Thomas is on the sidelines. While Marie is trying to get them to join one, it's obvious Trey is not interested in sucking up to anyone. I can respect it, but in this game, it's kind of necessary at times especially when you're a rookie. And, let's be honest Trey, normally rookies are the first ones out just because they're rookies. Might be smart to hook up with a team that will have your back.


The Challenge-Battle of The Seasons Season Premiere (RECAP)

*****For the record, Eventually I will get back to entertainment news, but I'm learning how to balance three other blogs so please bear with me! 

Decided to recap the newest season of MTV's The Challenge--Battle of the Seasons! Held in Bodrum, Turkey, and, as always, hosted by BMX rider TJ Lavin, this season brings together teams of people from various Real World seasons battling the other seasons to see who's number one! Of course, it's awkward, because not everybody got along! The seven RW seasons represented are Austin (Wes, Lacey, Danny and Melinda), Back to New Orleans (Preston, Knight, Jemmye, and McKenzie), Cancun (Derek, Jasmine, CJ, and Jonna), San Diego (Frank, Ashley, Zach, and Sam), Las Vegas (made of the original and the second season-Alton, Trishelle, Nany, and Dustin), Brooklyn (Chet, JD, Devyn, and Sarah) and the newest kids on the block, St. Thomas (Trey, Marie, Robb, and Laura).

Of course, the money should be enough to override all (or at least some) of the drama! $250,000 goes to the winning team, the biggest prize in Challenge history! $50,000 goes to second (think it should have been at least $75 K, but whatever), and $40,000 goes to third. TJ also introduces everybody to the Arena is where the elimination rounds will be. The losing team is sent into the Arena, and the winning team will send another team to battle against them. There's a twist, however. Each team has to decide which two players will go in.  If they lose, your team is down to two players (which can be a pro, but mostly a con depending on the challenge). And, of course, if you go in again, and lose, your team is automatically finished. My question is, will the other two members who got disqualified still get money in the end if their other teammates win? Because I don't like that haha!


REVIEW: 2012 MTV Video Music Awards

One of the biggest nights for MTV is the Video Music Awards, the night to honor artists with the classic Moonman in different categories!

As always, the event kicked off with the pre-show. The star-studded red carpet featured appearances from top celebs like One Direction, 2 Chainz, and The Wanted and we even got a performance  from new X-Factor judge Demi Lovato (I love her)!

Before the main event even started, three Moonmen were given out. Demi Lovato won the first official Moonman of the night for Best Video with A Message for her song "Skyscraper." DJ Calvin Harris snagged one for Best Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Video for "Feel So Close," and the ever so popular British-Irish boy band One Direction got a Moonman for Most Shareworthy Video for "What Makes You Beautiful." Between these guys and Justin Bieber, girls FALL OUT!


Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta The Reunion Part 2

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion wrapped up with Part 2, but not before ending with a few more fights, secrets, and even a proposal! The reunion picks up from last week with Mona's question to Stevie about his relationship with Joseline. Though as always, he avoids the question at first, he finally says no, with  Joseline openly admitting she uses him for the sex and money. The conversation then turns to the failed therapy session with the three. Stevie, claiming that that he wanted to lay everything out on the table, invited both Mimi and Joseline to a session with Dr. Jeff, only to end up getting beat up by Joseline. It's all clear in the session that Stevie has some type of feelings for Joseline, but he refuses to see it.


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