The Challenge-Battle of The Seasons Season Premiere (RECAP)

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Decided to recap the newest season of MTV's The Challenge--Battle of the Seasons! Held in Bodrum, Turkey, and, as always, hosted by BMX rider TJ Lavin, this season brings together teams of people from various Real World seasons battling the other seasons to see who's number one! Of course, it's awkward, because not everybody got along! The seven RW seasons represented are Austin (Wes, Lacey, Danny and Melinda), Back to New Orleans (Preston, Knight, Jemmye, and McKenzie), Cancun (Derek, Jasmine, CJ, and Jonna), San Diego (Frank, Ashley, Zach, and Sam), Las Vegas (made of the original and the second season-Alton, Trishelle, Nany, and Dustin), Brooklyn (Chet, JD, Devyn, and Sarah) and the newest kids on the block, St. Thomas (Trey, Marie, Robb, and Laura).

Of course, the money should be enough to override all (or at least some) of the drama! $250,000 goes to the winning team, the biggest prize in Challenge history! $50,000 goes to second (think it should have been at least $75 K, but whatever), and $40,000 goes to third. TJ also introduces everybody to the Arena is where the elimination rounds will be. The losing team is sent into the Arena, and the winning team will send another team to battle against them. There's a twist, however. Each team has to decide which two players will go in.  If they lose, your team is down to two players (which can be a pro, but mostly a con depending on the challenge). And, of course, if you go in again, and lose, your team is automatically finished. My question is, will the other two members who got disqualified still get money in the end if their other teammates win? Because I don't like that haha!

The first night is all partying, as always in the gorgeous villa. Of course, everybody talks through some of their past issues with each other. Ashley and Frank have problems, because, from their season, he felt like she was being fake and lying to him. The next day, the cast still drinking and having fun. Melinda and Danny try to deal with their divorce (which I just found out!), and it's kind of awkward for them. I think that, as time goes on, they will definitely hook up in the house. Jemmye and Knight broke up because he cheated, but he's persistent on getting her back. Meanwhile, Jonna is crushing on Zach, and goes to Jasmine for advice on how to handle it. Jasmine tells her to get to know him better, and see where things lead.

Later that night, the crew gets a text from TJ with a clue to the next challenge: "Some of you have crossed each other in the past. I hope that doesn't come to bite you." Already, CJ is going into the game wanting to send Wes home, because Wes sent him into elimination from Fresh Meat 2. Of course, Wes starts plotting and manipulating already, trying to get the St. Thomas kids on his side.

At next day's Challenge, TJ makes the shocking revelation that one more team is joining the roster! I was expecting it to be a Road Rules team (because MTV acts as if they never existed, and it would just be a nice change up), but it was a mix of folks from Fresh Meat (Brandon, Cara Maria, Eric, and Camila). The challenge, "Don't Cross Me," has a wooden X up in the air, with the teams having to climb up ladders from the ocean to get to it. The teams, two at a time, cross from opposite sides of the X. Everyone has to be careful though, because it the weight isn't distributed right, the X will be thrown off, possibly sending someone into the water! The team with the quickest time wins, and the last place team will be sent right into the Arena!

Each team does pretty well. Though Big Easy boasts about losing 70 pounds, and wants to make up for his less than impressive performance in The Challenge some years back, he falls from the ladder and is unable to get up, putting Team Fresh Meat in last place. Preston falls too during his team's turn, but he digs deeps and gets back up to finish. Of course, Fresh Meat ends up last, and will be automatically sent into the Arena. The first power team of the season is Cancun, who zoomed through the challenge no problem!

Of course, at deliberations, CJ tries to get Team Austin in the round to get Wes back. St. Thomas were brought up too, of course, because they're the rookies, and rookies are normally first to go. Cancun does end up choosing Austin, though. In showing the cast the Arena again, TJ announces that there are four types of games for the eliminations--Endurance, Strategy, Mental, or Physical. The power team will choose which game the teams will face off in (yet another advantage). Cancun chooses Physical, while the Austin crew and Fresh Meat have to decide which two they will be sending in.

Later, the other six teams come back and get drunk. Frank ends up getting all worked up from the alcohol, even getting in Wes' face with Zach having to pull him away. Sam says something smart to him, and Frank throws her a low blow talking about her girlfriend. After finally getting Frank to chill out, Zach gets away with Jonna and they kiss. They have a connection. Later, Jonna talks to her boyfriend back home and breaks up with him, which breaks his heart. She needs her freedom, and obviously wants to spend more time with Zach.

Before the elimination round, Wes and Lacey (Austin's chosen duo) were confident that they wouldn't go home. Meanwhile, Cara Maria (who volunteered herself) is worried about everything and has second thoughts about going into the Arena, which pisses off Eric (who's going in too) and Camila. Seriously, Cara Maria is never in the right head space for these games. She's good, but mentally she's not there fully, and that's her downfall!

The physical elimination is "Hall Brawl," and the goal is to run through your opponent in a small glass hall and ring the bell on the other side. Cara Maria runs over Lacey in their heat, and Eric pretty much stomps Wes. Their heat came down to a photo finish, and by 2/10ths of a second, Big Easy got it! Fresh Meat sent Wes and Lacy home, leaving Melinda and Danny to fend for themselves. Of course, CJ is happy, because he took out the top dog and his fiercest rival. TJ also announces that the other types of challenges have to be used before anyonc can use Physical again (to make it fair).

Overall, a good premiere episode. I thought last challenge was bad, but this challenge looks like one of the fiercest yet! Of course, the hookups and drama are going to be rampant, and I'm excited to watch! Make sure you check out Battle of the Seasons every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET only on MTV!

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