"The Perks of Being A Rookie"-Battle of the Seasons Episode 2 (RECAP)

Watch The Full EpisodeI'm LOVING Battle of the Seasons! Fresh off the first challenge, everybody is at the beach club partying, and having a good time. Meanwhile, Melinda is missing her boyfriend and is dealing with Danny being there. Danny has a lady at home too. Both of them obviously have to be very cautious and learn to work together since they are the last people from Austin left.

Later that night, the house gets a clue from TJ for the next day's challenge: "A lot of you have pulled some slick moves in the past. Better bring your A game tomorrow." After the text is read, it is clear that the alliances have started and everyone is plotting and scheming...while St. Thomas is on the sidelines. While Marie is trying to get them to join one, it's obvious Trey is not interested in sucking up to anyone. I can respect it, but in this game, it's kind of necessary at times especially when you're a rookie. And, let's be honest Trey, normally rookies are the first ones out just because they're rookies. Might be smart to hook up with a team that will have your back.

At Lamina Beach the next day, TJ presents the day's challenge, "Oil Change". One of Turkey's national sports is wrestling, and the teams will be doing a good old fashioned oil wrestling match. The object of the game is to wrestle someone (or a body part) out of the surrounding red line border. Every time a team member wins, they get an icon piece, and you have to get four in total. If nobody wins within ten minutes, there's a draw. The first team to get their icons will be the Power Team. The last team to get their icons is going straight to the Arena. Team Cancun chooses the first duo to go in, but the winner of the last match will pick the next people to go in.

It definitely starts out as an intense and tiring challenge for everybody. However, San Diego, Cancun, Las Vegas, and New Orleans start throwing matches and picking members within their teams to put the game in their hands, and the game becomes, "Don't play harder, play SMARTER." With that strategy, San Diego wins and is the new power team. St. Thomas quickly makes their way to icons, but the remaining teams want make sure that St. Thomas is the odd man out. Brooklyn and San Diego ends up having to  fight for the last icons between them to find out who will fight St. Thomas, and Melinda loses. Danny fights Trey to get that last piece. Trey refuses to give up, and it's a draw between the two. Melinda goes up against Laura, and Laura takes her out by using her hand to cross the line. Team Austin is going straight to the arena.

Back at the house, as San Diego contemplates who will go in, it's rumored that Fresh Meat will be the chosen team. Camila and Frank got into it at the challenge (Camila's quite the trash talker). However, San Diego also considers St. Thomas, but reaches out to them since they're both rookies and San Diego wants to add them to their alliance possibly. Trey obviously doesn't want to kiss ass so San Diego walks away from them, which pisses off Marie. Surprisingly though, Frank and the rest of his team picks Fresh Meat surprisingly even though they kissed their butt. San Diego also picks the Endurance round for the Arena for Fresh Meat vs. Danny and Melinda.

After the announcement, everybody goes out for a night on the town to just have fun. Zach and Jonna are flirting and loving each other right now. Trey and Laura are still dealing with their emotions from their season, while Knight is still fighting for Jemmye, though he cheated on her. Melinda comes in to delve out her Dr. Phil moment, and tells Jemmye to maybe reconsider. Back at the house, Knight talks to Danny, while he doesn't want to hear it. At the end of the day, it's not fighting with Jemmye and trying to win her back that's going to win him the money!

Fresh Meat is going to the Arena for the second week in a row. They're trying to figure out a plan for them to work together, and also see who will go in the Arena. Obviously, none of them want to go in, which I thought was a punk move on Camila and Brandon because Cara Maria and Eric went in last week. At the Arena, Fresh Meat still couldn't come to a decision so San Diego chose Camila and Eric. The teams played "Balls Out," in which they will have 5 minutes to slide balls to opposite sides of the court. Whoever has the most balls on their opponent's side will win the game. Though it was a well fought game, Danny and Melinda are sent home with Fresh Meat having the most balls on their side. Danny and Melinda part ways amicably. So there goes Austin, the first team out!

Back at the house, Trey is complaining to Laura with everybody hating him. Everybody thinks that Trey has a big ego, which he kind of does, but I don't blame him for not wanting to kiss up. He's new though. He'll have to learn how to play the game, or St. Thomas won't be around much longer!

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