Bow Wow Makes $4000 A Month, Order to Pay Child Support

Seems like Bow Wow's new gig at 106 & Park came just in time! According to TMZ, he has been ordered to pay child support for his 1-year-old daughter Shai. However, Bow Wow apparently wasn't working with much money at Cash Money to begin with!

Bow Wow and baby mama Joie Chavis were in court Monday, with the main fight being over exactly how much Bow Wow is worth and how much he has to pay! Finally, Bow Wow agreed to shell out $3,000 a month in support for baby Shai. However, he told the judge that he makes $4,000 a month working as an employee at Cash Money Records. Yes, that's allegedly all. He also testified he leases a Jeep and has a grand total of $1,500 in his checking account.

However, since Bow Wow has officially been named one of four new co-hosts for BET's 106 & Park (which he failed to mention), the judge ordered Bow Wow to pay $11,500 in back child support! And Bow will have to come face to face with a serious payment plan when he comes back to court in December.

When I first heard that Bow Wow was hosting 106 & Park, I was honestly like "Whaaaa??" But now I see. Cash Money is reportedly only paying you $4000 a month, and that's BEFORE taxes?! (Well, I personally would like to get paid that, but for a rapper signed to one of the biggest labels out right now, that's not much!). And with $3000 automatically going to your baby's mother, that's not much left to work with! I hope BET is paying him good money over there, because he's going to need it. On the other side, Baby and Lil Wayne, stop playing with that boy's money!

Photo via Necole Bitchie

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