"Going Insane"-Battle of the Seasons Episode 6 (RECAP)

Picking up from last week, we have six teams...well five and a half, with Knight and Jemmye holding on for New Orleans.

Alton and Frank get into a little altercation in the gym. Frank keeps trying to antagonize him, but Alton keeps his cool. Later, Alton makes a decision not to go to the beach with the rest of the house.
It's a rule on the show that if one of them doesn't go out, nobody goes out. That pisses Sarah off as well as the rest of the house. Of course, Frank gets into it. Then Frank starts a fight with Dustin when Dustin comes to Alton's defense. Frank is quite the little annoying instigator!

Later, a clue from TJ comes in: "If you think your opponents in the house are crazy, just wait until you see the challenge tomorrow!" The next day, everyone heads to play "The Insane Games," a series of events, where one team will be eliminated each event. The teams that lose the first two events will go head to head in the Losers' Round. The first game, Chariot Race, requires one person to pull his entire team on a chariot, while wearing a horse mask. It's hot and the mask is suffocating to all of the teams. Brooklyn comes in dead last, meaning that they will be the first team to head to the Losers' Round.

The next game is Egg Drop. One person is throwing eggs over a 10 foot wall and the other is supposed to catch it...with a dog collar around their neck. The first team to catch 6 eggs will win. St. Thomas is the last team to catch their eggs, putting them in the Loser's Round with Brooklyn. In the next game, Ear Pull, opponents sit on a long, with a two foot string around each opponent's ears and you're trying to get the string off their ear using your face. Absolute insanity!

In the Winner's playoffs , the two remaining teams end up being Vegas and New Orleans. Two members charge at each other with a chariot, with one other person hitting them with a mallet trying to knock them off. New Orleans ends up winning the power team after Trishelle accidentally stepped back from her chariot.

During the loser's round, Brooklyn goes against St. Thomas to play "Fish Head." The goal is to knock your opponent off of their platform...using a 15 pound FISH! It's two out of three, boys then girls.Marie gets heated when Laura wants to go for her team, because she doesn't feel like Laura is stronger than her in competition. While Trey wins the heat for his team against Chet, Sarah annihilates Laura in theirs.  In a coin toss, the girls ends up going again. And down goes Laura again! St. Thomas is making a trip to the Arena, and New Orleans will deliberate to decide who will go against them.

Back at the house, Alton talks to Zach about putting Vegas in. He plans to lose so he can get away from these people and tells his team. Of course, his team members are pissed and tell him that they  refuse to throw the challenge in the Arena. It's definitely selfish of him to do that. I understand his frustration, because there are a lot of young rookies at this Challenge. However, it's still a game, and they're playing it to their advantage, especially if they can get you to quit like that!

At the deliberation that night, of course, New Orleans chooses Las Vegas to go against St. Thomas and picks Strategy for their game. One guy and one girl will go in to represent their team. Nany says that she will go in, but she would rather go in with Dustin, who she knows will put up more of a fight than Alton.

At the Arena, TJ reintroduces "Knot So Fast," the game with the jungle gym and the 100 foot ropes that the players tangle up and leave for their opponents to solve. Nany and Dustin go against Trey and Laura. On the sidelines, Alton gets into it with Zach and CJ about his not going into the Arena. During the challenge, Nany and Dustin are struggling with communication, while Laura and Trey are doing pretty well. Nany and Dustin seem like they didn't tangle as much, leaving Laura and Trey with a pretty easy puzzle to solve. However's it's about endurance as well, because those ropes are extremely heavy. Vegas ends up pulling it out, eliminating Trey and Laura, leaving Robb and Marie to fight for Team St. Thomas!

Back at the house, Zach and the rest of the alliance is annoyed with Vegas coming back to the house. The others are annoyed with the alliance, and Trishelle's not sure what to do about Alton. Who knows if he'll try to really throw a challenge to go home or not! Just another day on Battle of the Seasons!

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