"Toxic Shots Syndrome/Blues, Balls, & Brawls"-Jersey Shore S6, Episodes 3 & 4 (RECAP)

MTV, I don't like that you combine these episodes for this last season of Jersey Shore! One, it shortens the season (I mean, how many two-hour episodes can you possibly show?). Two, it's mad long to recap! Goodness gracious! But I digress.

Picking up from last episode, Snooki prepares to move out of the Shore house. It's hard, but necessary. However, the house is basically right next door. It's really cute, and small just for her. It's still crazy that she's a mom! Of course, Snooks welcome the rest of her roommates to come when they want, only with some stipulations--no girls, no alcohol, and no craziness! Meanwhile, Mike plans to go to the doctor to get a shot to block any opiotes, alcohol, and prescription painkillers. It's painful and seems like people don't trust him, but it's necessary for his health. Nobody wants it to ever happen again! It's good to see him serious about his sobriety.

Later, Deena calls her boyfriend Chris to make plans for dinner. They're so cute together! Meanwhile, Mike gets back from his shot at the doctor's, and is in serious pain. Vinny, however, is proud that he's sticking by his plans to stay sober. The two go to the Shore Store for work with Sammi. Of course, a shot in the butt affects Mike's performance at work (though he doesn't work that much anyway haha!). Danny continues to get on Mike for not working, but he does have a valid reason. After continued jokes about his pain, Mike eventually walks out and heads back home. Vinny goes to check on him, and tells him to try to stay calm. It's not good for him to be so angry and stressed. It's definitely not worth it.  Meanwhile, Deena and Chris go out on their "romantical" date. It's just great to see the connection that they have! She's probably the happiest she's been since I've seen her on the show!

The couple comes back and hangs out with the rest of the house. Mike makes plans for Paula to come too, and Jenni grills him on their relationship status. Mike should DEFINITELY just be with her already! It's taken long enough! He doesn't want to be off the market. Paula doesn't assume that she's in a relationship at all. However, if Mike doesn't want to lose her, he needs to make it official already!

The next morning, Deena, Ronnie and Sammi head to work. Deena, however, is feeling very sick, probably from that big dinner she ate. She's not used to eating like that after she started watching her diet and losing weight. After work, she is getting sharp pains in her stomach, and thinks she may have toxic shock syndrome (which can come from wearing tampons too long). It may be a little bit of a stretch, though! She calls her mom and has a little bit of a breakdown. She misses Chris a lot, and she doesn't have Snooki to hang around anymore all the time. Sammi goes to talk to some sense into her, and even volunteers to be her substitute Meatball. However, Ronnie is frustrated at Sammi for not being ready for dinner, though she was just trying to be there for her friend.

That night, Vinny and Pauly go to invite Snooks out to Captain Hooks after her date with Jionni. She shows off her new cleavage in a sexy dress! However, Jionni walks in with sweats on, and they go to Steaks Unlimited, the McDonalds for steaks ha! They talk about planning their wedding, which is exciting! Meanwhile, Sammi and Ronnie have an awkward date because Ronnie is still mad at her for being late to dinner.

Later, the rest of the house go hang out at Captain Hooks, and play games. And then they sing karaoke! It's absolutely. Jenni makes the suggestion to the karaoke facilitator person to set up Mike with Amy Winehouse's "Rehab." A little soon, so the house doesn't know if he's going to freak out, but he takes in stride! He even does a little freestyle, though he's all off off beat! It was just fun for everybody.

The next day, Jionni and Snooki go out to eat. She's feeling insecure about her body, and is worried that Jionni will get hit on while he's away for a week for his UFC fight in Miami. Meanwhile, the boys go chill on Snooki's porch, and wait for her to get home. It's awkward again with Vinny and Jionni. Later, Jenni and Sammi go to see Snooki and bring her food. Of course, that makes her feel better.

Later, a girl buts out her boobs for Pauly and Vinny. Of course, the other roommates want to see! Pauly and Vinny go downstairs, of course, to meet this girl! She gives them her number, and they go in the house cracking up after she shows her boobies. Vinny reveals that he met a girl outside of the Shore, and doesn't want to have sex with random girls, and that's why he's celibate.

The next morning, Jenni calls Roger to invite him to Jimbo's to hang out. However, it's actually a surprise party for him! She goes with Vinny to get decorations to really go all out. The manager set up all the decorations for them, so they order food and just chill until Roger gets there. Only, Roger doesn't show up until late! Jenni is super annoyed, so it's really awkward. However, after Roger decides to stick around for a few more hours, Jenni perks up. Snooki enjoys her first dance on the Shore, and the rest of the girls stick balloons up their stomachs to support Snooki's pregnancy.

The next day, Mike, Snooki, and Ronnie go to work. Mike tries to talk to Snooki, and she's not feeling well, so she gets irritated. She tells him that she doesn't want to be friends with him at all. Snooki is really mad at him for his past behavior, and refuses to get past it. I understand it to an extent, but Mike is trying to change and make up for his past behavior. He does need to truly apologize (though I'm still on the fence on whether or not he really lied about hooking up with Snooki).

Later, Ronnie, Pauly, and Mike go out to eat on the boardwalk, and run into Pauly's friends. At work, Roger sends Jenni two dozen pink roses to apologize for being late to Jimbo's last night. Meanwhile, Deena and Danny go out to play games and drink. Looks like Deena found a good substitute Meatball...I guess? But after Pauly and everyone comes through to EJ's, Danny bails, thus failing the Meatball test haha! But it starts a crazy night for the house.

The house plans to go to Bamboo for the night. Of course, Vinny and Pauly invite Snooki out, but she refuses, because so many fights break out there, so she calls it a night. Being pregnant at the Shore isn't the best situation! Everybody eventually gets over to the bar, and is having a good time! Then all of a sudden, a random stalker dude comes up to Mike, saying that he's friends with him on Facebook, and knows many of his friends, or whatever. Of course, Mike doesn't remember! The guy keeps coming up to him and the rest of the house. When he's told to take a walk, he takes offense and starts talking trash, and Pauly's friend Ryan threw him across the room! But then drinks are thrown, and a huge brawl breaks out!!! When Roger tries to fight and Jenni tries to stop him, he pushes Looks like Snooki was right to stay home!!!

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