Jersey Shore: The FINAL SEASON Season Premiere (RECAP)

Final Season Double Episode Premiere Thursday Oct 4 At 10/9cOf course, I HAD to recap the sixth and FINAL SEASON of my favorite MTV show, Jersey Shore. I had to miss the two hour premiere, because Scandal comes first (Shout out to Kerry Washington), but luckily I caught the rerun at midnight! It's going to be a long one, since the episode was two hours, but you'll love it (*smiles*)

Mike has been working on his addiction to prescription pills. He went to rehab to detox, and is now clean. He has been hanging out with Paula for a while, and hopefully they'll commit to each other. Snooki is six months pregnant, and heading to the Shore for tradition's sake! But she clearly won't be able to party and go crazy like she has in the past. Jenni moved in with Snooki for a while, but moved back in with Roger. They're doing better now, but still have to work on their issues.

Mike heads to a deli to make food for the roommates for dinner. He wants to stay on the right foot with the roommates. Snooki hasn't talked to Mike since then, and doesn't want to be his friend.

Ronnie is excited to head back to the Shore with Sam (they're back together, of course, but happy). However, he's not looking forward to pregnant Stooki. Vinny and Pauly are back together in their wonderful bromance. Vinny left last summer but came back, and has really been trying to get his life together. Vinny doesn't think that Jionni will be a good dad to Snooki's baby. Deena has matured. She's nervous about heading back to the Shore without her other meatball. She has a boyfriend, Chris, and is really happy!

Mike gets to the house first and starts cooking dinner to apologize to the housemates. Deena shows up and gets Mike to help her with her bags. Deena got smaller, and Mike is giving her all these compliments. Pauly gets there next, and sees a new Mike. Hopefully MVP gets back together! Ronnie and Sam walk in and sees the cooking. They don't trust his intentions at all. Vinny gets in next. MVP want to get back together, and decide to room together. Sam and Ronnie take a room to themselves. Snooki and Jenni are the last to get in. Snooki is adamant about not being friends with Mike though. She barely speaks to him when he approaches her!

As the house gets settled in, Mike finishes dinner for everybody. Nobody helps him, which he takes a little offense to, but he knew that coming back for him would be hard. Deena and Snooki talk about how it will be different for them as Team Meatball with Snooki being pregnant. After dinner,
Mike apologizes to everybody in the house for the wrong he's done in the past. However, Snooki knows that they will never have the same bond they had. Jenni is still very suspicious because of Mike's past schemes. That night, the house goes to the boardwalk, and, of course, hits the Shore Store to see Danny! Later, Pauly talks to Mike about his sobriety. It's going to be a strong test for Mike as the Shore is all about partying and drinking, especially since it's summer!

The next day, everybody gets up in the morning to head to the gym. Snooki is restricted because she's six months pregnant. Mike keeps trying to interact with Snooki, but refuses to really talk to him. Later, they head to get their tan, and Mike gets to see his boo Paula. The girls go out to lunch together, and Deena ends up breaking down in tears out of nowhere! She's really missing Chris, as they've literally been inseparable since they've been together. The girls assure her that it will get easier.

The plan for the night is Karma, while Snooki and Jionni go out on a date. Jionni shows up to the house with flowers in hand. Jionni hates Vinny and the two said nothing to each other as Vinny walked by, which is awkward. At Snooki and Jionni's date, Jionni says hey to everybody which annoys Snooki because she's pregnant and just wants to eat. She's trying to enjoy her night out, but is missing the party at Karma. It's not a good look for a pregnant girl to be in the club though!

The rest of the roommates head out for their first night at Karma, and are having a great time! Mike is keeping it clean, though it's a struggle. Jionni wants to go to Karma to see his friends really quick, but Nicole doesn't want to. It's good to see her settling down, but they're like an old married couple already with this baby coming!

Deena introduces her boyfriend to everyone, and is so happy that they're with each other. The house agrees that it's weird without Snooki around. Snooki plans to ask Danny to. Sam doesn't eat before she goes out, and it starts an argument because Ronnie is wasted so he always thinks that everybody is against him, especially Sammi. He even says, "I have a million girls that can do what you do!" I can't take the Ron/Sam drama for real! Meanwhile, Jionni and Snooki head back to the house and say their goodbyes. The end to Snooki's blase night.

At Karma, Vinny is talking to Chris, and hits him up for furniture. Deena flips out about it, and starts crying! She feels that Vinny was making fun of him. She doesn't want the guys to go in on Chris like they've done before on Jionni. It's only been two days, and she's just a mess. I don't like this new Meatball at all!

Later, the roommates head to a steak house, and Mike is honestly happy and had fun even though he was sober.  Back at the house, Pauly's girl is on her period, and that is just not happening! No getting down for him tonight! Pauly is disappointed, but wants to reschedule, of course!

The next day, Ronnie, Sammi, and Mike go to eat. Mike fills in the holes of Ronnie's evening since he blacked out. They both like how he is right now, and hope that Mike will be strong like this for the rest of the summer! Meanwhile, Deena and Vinny have a conversation about her breakdown last night. She has to realize that he is her boyfriend. It's rainy that night, so the house chills. Vinny brings up that he and Jionni should be friends, because they're Eskimo brothers (a.k.a. they've hooked up with the same girl). Vinny is pushing Snooki's buttons seriously!

The Meatballs and Pauly go to work in the morning at the Shore Store for their first shift. Snooki talks to Danny about getting another place nearby, because this environment is not conducive to  Danny has an apartment right next door that she could use. Later, the girls go to Beachcomber. Snooki is pissed at Vinny for his jokes, and plans to tells Jionni everything that he has said. Later, everybody hangs out on the Boardwalk and get on rides. Mike and Vinny connect, because they both kind of understand what Mike is going through. Vinny has anxiety and Mike is trying to remain sober. They both have to work hard to keep the negativity away.

Mike and Vinny cook up a mean Sunday dinner for the house. After they share sex stories, Vinny announces that he will try to remain celibate for the summer. The house tells him the "rules" of celibacy. Snooki then announces that she is thinking about getting her own place due to her pregnancy. It's a party house, and it's not healthy for her or the baby. It's sad that Snooki won't be around, but we all knew this was happening! No way a pregnant Snooki could stay here full time. The house has a stay-home night, and play games, and just celebrate each other!

All good things must come to an end, but I'm really sad that Jersey Shore is ending. I was there for the craziness of the Shore from the very beginning, and will really miss it (Reality TV Junkie to the core!) But it had to end sometime. Some of them are getting a little up there in age, and now Snooki done gone and had a child...and both she and Jenni are engaged! Yup, time to move forward and settle down!

Check out all new episodes of the final season of Jersey Shore at 10 p.m. on Thursdays only on MTV!

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