"Let's Make It Official"-Jersey Shore S6, E6 (RECAP)

Another Jerzday, another recap! Picking up from last episode, Deena is arrested for dancing in the street and is going to the Drunk Tank to sober her up. Ronnie is very nonchalant about the arrest, and suggests that they keep on drinking and chill. There's nothing really that they can do, so Sammi and Ron go on about their day.

Later, MVP goes tanning, and, of course, Mike goes to see her boo Paula and thanks her for the strawberries. He invites her out to dinner after. His plan is to ask her out officially at Rivoli's. Then they head to the sporting goods store to get some things to do after Sunday dinners. Mike also gets Snooki a stroller as a nice gesture to try to turn things around for them. She definitely won't forgive him, but it's a nice gesture I guess.

Back at the house, Ronnie and Sam reveal to Jenni and Snooki that Deena was arrested. They all head over to get her. However, Deena's parents showed up after she called them. They are definitely not happy. A rule of thumb on the Jersey Shore, if you're ever in trouble, don't call the parents, call your roommates! Her parents bail her out, and take her back at the house to have a nice long talk with her. It's public intoxication, and there's no real reason to be that drunk that early in the day! They tell her to watch herself and make better decisions.

Everybody gets back to the house, and welcomes Deena home. Snooki and Ron even get her a card for "graduating" to real Meatball status by getting arrested! Mike tries to get Snooki up on the porch to show her the stroller. Snooki, of course, is extremely cold towards him. She eventually goes up to see it with Ronnie, and loves the stroller. However, she really just wants a real apology from him instead of being flooded with gifts and small talk, which is understandable.

Later that night, the house has Sunday dinner. Mike talks about his plan to make things official with Paula. He wants to ask her to be his girlfriend...on his t-shirt! Kind of corny, but still cute. After dinner, the infamous flasher chick from last episode, Morgan, comes back to see Pauly and Vinny, and of course, flashes her boobs! The girls talk to Jenni about Roger. She's upset because she still hasn't heard from him.

The next day, Jenni and Snooki go to the doctor's to see if Jenni will need a cast or surgery for her ankle. On the way, the two disabled buddies check out motorized wheelchairs and actually buy them, the crazies! At the orthopedic surgeon, Jenni goes to get a final diagnosis. There's no broken bone, or even a fracture! It's not something that she needs a cast for! Snooki, of course, is sad because she doesn't have a cripple to hang out with for the summer.

Vinny, Deena, and Mike go to the Shore Store for their shift. Mike makes a t-shirt saying 'Let's Make It Official!" to wear it for Paula. After he leaves for an early break, Danny puts "I Like Men" on the back of the shirt. Mike sees the back of the shirt on the way out and makes a new one! But it was definitely funny for the moment!

At Rivoli's, the whole house goes to support Mike as he asks Paula out. Mike and Paula sit away from the roommates for their private moment. The roommates steadily watch Mike nervously ask her out. He shows Paula the t-shirt, and she SWOONS! The roommates clap it up as the Situation finally gets taken off the market! However, then Paula starts talking about plans for the future, like marriage and kids, and kind of turns Mike off. Later, Paula asks the house for the Smush Room. She's a little too excited and has no filter about their new relationship status!

The next day, Jenni decides to call Roger to end the silence between them. She leaves him a message after he doesn't answer his phone. She is obviously upset. Meanwhile, Mike talks to his boxing coach about his decision to make things official with Paula. Then, he tells him about the lack of filter on her mouth last night. It was definitely weird and awkward. It was like the girl was just waiting to get snatched up!

Jenni talks to the girls about being unsure about the status of her relationship. She's wondering what she did wrong. They get Vinny's point of view, and he's honest that this might be one too many fights for their relationship. Jenni calls Roger again, and this time he answers. He goes off on her, saying that she's using her ankle as an attention grabber. They argue about the fight. He tells her that maybe she should just have her summer, and the status of their relationship is still up in the air!

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