"Merp Walk"-Jersey Shore S6, E5 (RECAP)

I see MTV went back to showing just one hour of Jersey Shore this week! I must not have been the only one complaining! Picking up from last week, the brawl at Bamboo continues! While Jenni tries to stop Roger, he pushes her down, prompting her to throw a drink in his face! It's pure chaos, and the cast ends up leaving. Jenni tries to talk to Roger about the situation, but he ignores her. Meanwhile, she tries to walk, but her ankle is jacked up! She goes to talk to Roger, but he is just freaking out and is mad that Jenni tried to get involved. He tells her that "she deserved" to get thrown to the ground.

Back at the house, everyone talks about the melee. Ronnie goes to call Roger to see where he is and check on him. Roger tells him that he feels like Jenni feels she has to control him, and is pissed off that she tried to break up the fight!

The next day, Snooki goes over to the house to check on her roommates. She sees Jenni limping, and Jenni explains the drama from last night, including Roger throwing her to the floor. They both decided Jenni should go to the doctor to get it checked out. Roger still hasn't called her to apologize.
Ronnie and Sammi go to the gym to work off their energy from last night. In the car, they get into a debate about Jenni and Roger. Ronnie takes Roger's side, believing that a girl should not be involved in a guy's fight. However, Sammi knows that women have that protective instinct. For me, it's not even protective instinct. It's just stupid to me to be fighting while you're drunk, or at a social event. Of course, we're going to try to calm you down. What did Roger think Jenni was going to do? Cheer him on?

At the doctor's, Jenni gets an X-ray of her ankle. There's evidence of a navicular fracture, and the doctor tells her that she needs to see a bone specialist. She has to get crutches and a temporary splint, and will probably need a cast soon enough. Snooki is psyched now though because she has a disability buddy. Fractures take up to four to six weeks to heal, so Jenni's summer is basically over! Nice going Roger! Now Jenni's REALLY not calling you!

Later, the guys go out to eat, and talk about the guys' perspective on fighting. They also think that Jenni overplays everything, and won't believe her if she comes home with a cast. When they get back and see that Jenni has a fracture, of course, down play the whole thing. Meanwhile, Jenni's in bed upset. Both Snooki and Deena advise Jenni to talk to Roger about it.

That night, the house goes to Karma, even Snooki and Jenni (they decide they'll be disabled together haha!). Vinny also brings people in his family, so it's a huge group party in Karma right now! Snooki plays waitress and gets everybody drinks, since she can't drink. Jenni gets plastered, and ends up falling all over the place. Meanwhile, ladies are flocking to Mike. Jenni tells the girls that "He's got a girlfriend," ruining Mike's play. However, Mike does walk away because he doesn't want to hurt Paula. People keep trying to get him to drink, but he's sober. He gets very annoyed, and ends up going home. He calls Paula to vent and invites her over.

Later, Paula gets there at 5 in the morning. Paula has been there for him through a lot, and it looks like Mike is contemplating going off the market.

The next day, Deena decides to go out to EJ's and have a Meatball Day, and parties with random "replacement Meatballs." Meanwhile, at the house, Mike gets an Edible Arrangement from Paula. Now's he convinced to ask her to be with him! He talks to Vinny and Pauly about it, and they tell him to make sure. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino going off the market?! It's about time! Mike is in his 30's. Definitely time to think about settling down!

Still at EJ's, Deena is dancing on the bar. However, she randomly starts crying because she misses having Snooki around to do Meatball things. I'm so tired of this girl and her emotions, I don't know what to do! However, she gets herself together and goes back to her Meatball Day. She wins another blue ball, and goes to the Shore Store to see Danny. Sam and Ronnie eventually go out and see her at Spicy's, and see that Deena is "space cadet gone!" She can barely stand up. She's dancing in the street with traffic coming towards her. She's talking like a baby. Eventually, the police come after her and arrests her. And, of course, SHE STARTS CRYING! Deena is going to jail! And next week, her parents have to bust her out...

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