"N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T-I-C"-Battle of the Seasons Episode 5 (RECAP)

Did you check out last night's episode of Battle of the Seasons?! Picking up from last week at the Arena, Devyn volunteers herself to go into the Arena which sucks for her romance with Eric (Remember, Fresh Meat are in YET AGAIN!). JD volunteers himself for Team Brooklyn as well. The dueling teams play mental game "Water Torture," which has two giant water tanks and two giant puzzles. The girls will be lifted by a rope to solve the puzzle.  The twist is the guys have to hold down their partner's weight by hanging by a rope from their ankles and hold their breath under water for as long as it takes for their partner to solve parts of the puzzle.

JD has the advantage because he's a competitive swimmer, and he's worked with marine animals. Fresh Meat seems to be going a lot quicker at first, while Brooklyn is struggling with communication. However, with the blood rushing to his head, Eric begins to struggle to get to the bottom of the tank, and the competitor in Camila starts freaking out. Eric eventually decides to quit the Challenge AGAIN, which sucks for Camila. She starts to go off on him, and I honestly can't blame her. It's clear that she wasn't trying to quit herself! Eric has a history of quitting, and now he did it again. Eric, stay AWAY from the Challenges. The game was completely out of Camila's hands which sucks for her. Of course, Devyn is sad to say goodbye to Eric, because that's the end of their romance for now. However,  I'm happy that Brooklyn gets to stay! Fresh Meat is the second full team out behind Austin!

That night, TJ sends the house a clue for the next challenge: "Knowledge is power, and tomorrow we find out who the real power team is!" The next day, the teams play "Chairmen of the Board." It's the famous pop quiz challenge where you will have to answer questions to stay alive in the game. You sit on a chair on a platform above water, and answer a question. If you get it right, you stay on the platform. If you get it wrong, TJ pulls a lever and releases you into the ocean (and that's a long drop!). Once one member is out, another team member goes in. Whoever's the first team out goes straight into the Arena. Whoever lasts the longest will win Power Team.

Trishelle is dehydrated, and is told not to participate in the challenge for the day, leaving Team Vegas with only three members to start out with. The questions range from trivia about past challenges to geography, sports to pop culture, and spelling. After TJ having fun with pulling the lever on teams, and people giving crazy stupid answers to questions, New Orleans ends up being the losing team, while San Diego is left standing as Power Team to decide who's going into the Arena against New Orleans.

As always, alliances were bound to get shaken up, and somebody from this alliance was going to go in the Arena eventually. San Diego decides to throw in Brooklyn to go against New Orleans (no surprise there!), San Diego also picks Endurance for the teams to battle in.

At the Arena, McKenzie and Preston volunteer themselves to represent New Orleans, while Chet and Sarah team up again. The teams play the endurance challenge "Balls Out." The teams have to slide balls to opposite sides of the court. Whoever has the most balls on their opponent's side will win the game.The twist this time around is that there are three heats of 90 second heats. The first heat goes to Brooklyn. The game really is about Endurance, and McKenzie loses her fire, losing the second heat. Brooklyn pulls it out, sending Preston and McKenzie home and leaving Knight and Jemmye to fend for themselves!

Check out an all-new episode of Battle of the Seasons next Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST only on MTV!

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