Nicki Minaj GOES OFF on Mariah Carey During Idol Auditions!

TMZ got an exclusive clip of Nicki Minaj GOING OFF at the judges' table during a taping for American Idol! So clearly that "beef" between her and Mariah Carey is either real, or being used as a promotion tactic (I wouldn't put it behind FOX to try to compete with X Factor and The Voice).

Yet and still the video is crazy dramatic! Nicki gets REAL ratchet! I feel so sorry for Randy having to put up with this!

Check out the craziness after the jump!

Nicki, I like you but you honestly don't need to be running your mouth at all, because truth be told, you shouldn't even be on there. I like Nicki as a rapper (on and off), but she's not judge material for a singing competition. She just needs to keep it cute and put it on mute, and just collect her $8 million before she gets fired before the season even starts! Because they WILL choose Mariah over her. Point blank!

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