"The Dark Knight"-Battle of the Seasons Episode 4 (RECAP)

Time for more of Battle of the Seasons! Picking up from last week's episode, we're down two members from Fresh Meat after Cara Maria and Brandon were eliminated in the Arena, leaving Eric and Camila to fend for themselves. The house enjoys a day on the water. Eric and Devyn are happy, flirting with each other. Meanwhile, Knight and Trishelle talk. Knight is suspicious of Team Vegas after they almost broke the Cancun/San Diego/New Orleans/Vegas alliance last week.

TJ sends a clue later that night : "Tomorrow is the perfect opportunity to shed some excess weight." Nany later goes searching for her missing bag of laundry, only to find that her clothes are in the pool. Knight is the one who did it, trying to break her down, but really just looks stupid. Jemmye herself goes to tell Nany. The whole house turns on Knight for his stupidity. He's trying to mentally break people, and goes to throw more of Nany's laundry in the pool. It's immature, but everybody comes out to help her get her clothes out. Dustin makes it fun by diving in to get the clothes. All of it did was put a target on Knight's back (and the rest of their alliance).

At the challenge the next morning, the teams play "Don't Weight Me Down" The game has a giant platform with seven holes, with the goal being to hold a basket by a rope through the holes while opponents fill it up with rocks. Two people hold the basket, and the other two run to fill up the basket. The first team to let their basket hit the ground will go straight into the Arena, and the last will be the Power Team.

It's a hard challenge because the rocks are heavy and the challenge is long. The Alliance starts out throwing their rocks into Brooklyn's basket, and Devyn and Chet have to let go. The next they try to get out is Fresh Meat, which only has Eric holding the basket, but Eric uses his legs and arms to keep fighting. He did amazing, but he eventually gives up too. The game eventually comes down to Cancun and Vegas. Cancun ends up taking it, after Vegas gave out.

Back at the house, Cancun brings up the Alliance and talk to St. Thomas about not choosing a side. Marie and Robb automatically get defensive. St. Thomas is the wild card of the entire Challenge, because they like to do things their way. Later, when TJ comes back for the decision, Cancun chose Fresh Meat for the fourth time in a row! This challenge will use all mental. It sucks for Devyn and Eric, because either one of them will go home, and thus end their romance for now. Later, Chet calls CJ out on throwing Brooklyn in the Arena, and tells him he's a phony for speaking positive to their faces, and then throwing them in the ring like that.

That night, the house goes out to party. Devyn and Eric are stunned at their connection, and talk about their love connection. It's so different for both of them, because they both date different types of people. Camila, meanwhile, is frustrated by these alliances and goes off on the bus, which I can understand. It's a game, but the teams that are the strongest should get to compete. It sucks that some of the weaker teams are still around only because they are in an alliance. However, it's a game, and that's how you play. Jemmye and Knight fire back at Camila. Knight goes off on Nany too back at the house, and Nany goes to fight him. Dustin tries to calm her down, and Nany packs her stuff to go to another room to get away from Knight.

The next day, Jemmye tries to talk to Knight, telling him that this all really just shows her that he hasn't changed at all. Nany is through with the alliance with Cancun and San Diego and New Orleans. However, she refuses to leave.

Eric and Devyn get in an argument after she refuses to tell him the age differences between her and the men she's dated (she likes older men....yeah). Eric doesn't like being vulnerable, but felt like he was being open and honest. Now, he feels like she wasn't honest with him. Jemmye goes to talk to her about it, and she feels like he thinks it won't work when he goes back to Kentucky and she goes back to New York. Knight goes to talk to Eric and tells him to enjoy the time that he spends with Devyn now before it's over. It's very emotional for them, but they work through it. Devyn herself is still not sure if she wants to go in because of her relationship with Eric. At the Arena, Devyn volunteers herself to go up against Camila and Eric, and the episode ends. I really, really wanted them to stay together in the house, but that's how the cookie crumbles. That's the Challenge!

Check out what happens next week on an all new episode of Battle of the Seasons on Wednesday at 10 p.m. at MTV!

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