"What Happens In Vegas..."-Battle of the Seasons Episode 3 (RECAP)

Watch The Full EpisodeSorry that this took so long! The presidential debates were last night at the same time as Battle of the Seasons, so you know which one I had to pick (Rock the Vote...but make an INFORMED decision people!). I finally had a chance to check it out and do a recap.

Picking up from last week's episode, we're down one full team already, losing Team Austin! Back at the house, everyone is resting a little easier, with some even making some love connections! Eric clearly has a thing for Devyn, while Alton and Sarah are developing a connection of their own. Trishelle doesn't trust it at all, because she was told that Sarah is extremely manipulative during these challenges, and she thinks Alton's lovestruck enough to fall for it.

Later, Camila reads the text clue from TJ: "Some of you have hooked up with each other in the past. Let's hope this doesn't sink you at tomorrow's Challenge." The manipulating among the Las Vegas/New Orleans/San Diego/Cancun alliance starts, with their plan to get rid of Fresh Meat, and then Brooklyn. However, Trishelle sees that Alton messing around with Sarah is messing that plan up!

The challenge for the next day is "Hook, Line and Sinker." The goal is to make it across this weird platform with bars with hooks to keep them in the air. The whole team has to move together in order to get to the next bar. The team with the fastest time will be the Power Team. The team with the slowest is going right to the Arena. Since they won the last challenge, San Diego gets to make the order.

In their heat against Brooklyn, Fresh Meat seems to have a good rhythm. However, Easy loses his grip and falls to the water, disqualifying their team. With all of the teams either finishing within the time limit or making it past Fresh Meat's falling point,  Fresh Meat, YET AGAIN, goes into the Arena. Between the two fastest teams, Cancun and Las Vegas, TJ reveals that the power team is Las Vegas!

Of course, Vegas has to deliberate who will face Fresh Meat in the Arena. Trishelle wants to send in Brooklyn, while Alton wants to send in New Orleans because they're weak. Clearly Alton wants Sarah to stick around, and hates the alliance stuff, but Nany and Trishelle know they have to go with the smart decision and stay with their alliance which is with New Orleans, San Diego and Cancun. The other teams in the alliance catch wind of the possibility of Alton wanting to break the alliance, and now they're suspicious of Vegas as a whole. The majority of Vegas does end up choosing Team Brooklyn, against Alton's wishes of course, and pick Strategy for the battling teams to face in the Arena.

Back at the house, Trishelle talks to Sarah about her basically manipulating Alton to win the Challenge. Sarah and Alton are actually happy together, and Sarah tells Trishelle that. Of course, Trishelle doesn't believe it and doesn't even think that Sarah will volunteer herself.

Fresh Meat doesn't not work as a team at all. Camila and Brandon go at it after Brandon approaches her to talk. She ends up being extremely upset, and wants to go home. However, the next day, the two work through their problems, and plan to do better for their team. Meanwhile, Trishelle is hell bent on getting Sarah out, thinking that Sarah is so manipulative. Chet backs Sarah up.

That night at the Arena, YET AGAIN, Fresh Meat can't decide who they want to go in. Cara Maria and Brandon are picked by Austin. Sarah and Chet volunteer themselves for the Arena. In the challenge "Not So Fast," two ropes are attached to two separate jungle gyms, and the teams tangle the ropes through the jungle gym, wanting to make it as complicated as possible. Then the teams will switch domes, and untie the rope that their opponents just tangled. Whoever brings the entire rope in the middle of the Dome will win.

While Sarah and Chet are more strategic with their tangling, Brandon and Cara Maria seem like a true blue mess.  It's clear that this Strategy game uses everything- Stategy, Physical, Mental, and Endurance too! The game is really, really close, but Sarah and Chet take it, leaving Fresh Meat with only Camila and Eric! Meanwhile, Trishelle's feeling kind of stupid because she didn't even think that Sarah was going to put herself in, but she did and she won.

The last game in the Arena is now Mental. Back at the house, though he only has one teammmate left, Eric is cool because he's spending time with Devyn. They have a great connection with each other, and he's good with that.

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  1. Good for ‘Big Easy;’ he is one of my favorites, and tends to get a bad rap on the challenges. I missed the past episode of “Battle of the Seasons” because of my work schedule at DISH. I hope Eric, and Camilla make it through; I have a feeling there is a big target on their backs as they are the last ones left from their season. My Hopper recorded this episode, and I can’t wait to get home to watch it. There is a ton of DVR space available, and I decided to record the rest of the season. It should get kind of messy with the alliances once we get down to a few players.



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