"Diamonds"-Rihanna (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

"We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky."

Rihanna's anticipated video for her lead single "Diamonds" just premiered on MTV moments ago! The vid, directed by Anthony Mandler, had plenty of diamonds, of course (Ri Ri even smoked a few!). It has a lot of different scenes from Rihanna singing in the desert alongside a black stallion and its mare, running down a road like she's been chased, and ends with calamity of a war in the streets and a man on fire walking through the scene.

Check out the video after the jump!

Overall, I love the song! I think, compared to what fans and the Rihanna Navy are used to, it's very calm and mellow. Emotional and relaxing to me, with Rihanna even calling Unapologetic itself a "stoner's album" haha! Though it's not my favorite Rihanna video ("We Found Love" still takes the cake!), this video is filled with great imagery and symbols seemingly reflective of her past (MTV does a good job of breaking it down here) While I don't always connect to abstract videos like this, I respected the editing and design put into this one! It fits her!

Make sure you cop Rihanna's seventh album Unapologetic on November 19! 

Image via Rihanna Now

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