"Honey I'm Homeless"-Battle of the Seasons Episode 8 (RECAP)

Another grueling episode of Battle of the Seasons! Picking up from last week, there are five teams left in the game (Brooklyn, Las Vegas, Cancun, San Diego, and St. Thomas barely)! The game is dwindling down, so it's more important than ever for these teams to fight hard to solidify their spot in the finals!

The teams go out to let loose. However, there is still a lot of tension between Frank and Zach. Of course, everybody has their opinion on the drama among Team San Diego. Later, Jonna reveals that she lost everything due to a crazy ex who got rid of all of her stuff. She is trying to get her life together and hopes that The Challenge will give her some start over funds.

At the next day's challenge, the set up is a 70s game show called "The Hunger Games." TJ even dresses up like an old school host (slick back hair and all!). It turns out to be an eating contest. The teams will bet how much they can eat in a designated time. The team that bets the highest will have to try to eat that amount. If you win, you will get to put a team into the losers' round. If you bet the most, and don't eat it or throw up, you will go straight to the losers' round. The first two teams are the losers.

For a game that typically has the most disgusting things for these people to eat, it's actually pretty decent food at first, with the first two items being baklava and grape leaves. When Cancun misses their goal of baklava by 2, they automatically get put into the losers' round! Brooklyn takes on the grape leaves, betting 35, but ending up eating 47! They choose San Diego obviously to go into the losers' round with Cancun. The next food is chilies. St. Thomas bets 18 of those, though it's only 2 of them. However, Marie loves peppers so she got 25! It comes down to St. Thomas and Brooklyn for the Power Team, eating as much COW LIVER as they can in two minutes. St. Thomas is disqualified for throwing up, which gives Brooklyn the coveted title of Power Team AGAIN! The losers' round with Cancun and San Diego has them all eating COW INTESTINES AND TESTICLES in two minutes. The teams struggle to hold it down, and who can blame them?! It was very close, but San Diego loses, heading straight into the Arena!

Back at the house, San Diego tries to work through their problems. Zach doesn't think he should go in, but doesn't trust Frank to stick to his word to go in. Brooklyn discusses their options of who will face San Diego. Later, at deliberations, Brooklyn picks Cancun because they haven't gone into the Arena yet (though it's still strategic because San Diego and Cancun are in an alliance together).

Since the only game left is Physical, CJ plans to go in but wants Jonna to go in with him. Jonna is the stronger between her and Jasmine. However, she doesn't want to go into the Arena because she doesn't want to risk getting sent home. She really needs the money, which is understandable, but everybody has to face the Arena sooner or later. She ends up walking out of the room, leaving her team upset.

At the Arena, San Diego chooses Sam and Zach, while Cancun offers CJ and Jasmine. The teams play "Hall Brawl," which has the girls and guys going against each other. There is a narrow hallway to run through each other to get to a bell on the opposite side. Unfortunately for Jasmine's little behind, she got the complete air smashed out of her by Sam! In the boys' heat, even though CJ is little, he outsmarts and outruns Zach, beating him in the first heat. Since the game is tied, it's decided by a coin toss that the guys will go again. CJ wins the first round, but Zach kills it to win the last two! Unfortunately, that leaves Derek and Jonna to fight for Cancun! The win definitely boosts team morale with San Diego. Let's see if they get it together!

Battle of the Seasons will return in two weeks after Thanksgiving! 

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