"I Do Not Like You Sam I Am"-Battle of the Seasons Episode 7 (RECAP)

Things are definitely heating up on The Challenge! Picking up from the last episode (due to Halloween, the Challenge was cancelled for last week), Team Brooklyn hosts an Insane Games House Edition to ease tension around the house and have fun, something this Challenge has been seriously missing! Afterwards, they all get a clue from TJ: "Tomorrow's challenge is not going to be easy but it will be memorable," showing that they will probably be playing a memory game. Meanwhile CJ is connecting to Ashley from San Diego, though it's still up in the air if she likes him back.

Next day at the Challenge, the teams gear up to play "Logged Out." The goal is pretty simple: solve a puzzle. The means? Not so simple. The teams will go through three check points. The first is the answer key to memorize a complicated puzzle. The second checkpoint is to carry logs the carry the puzzle pieces up a hill, with the teams all having to stick together. At the third checkpoint, you have to solve the puzzle.

Once the game starts, it's seriously a test of endurance for everyone. The logs are extremely heavy, and it's difficult for them to travel up and down this hill, trying to make sure they have the right logs and the right puzzle in their minds! Brooklyn is very strategic, figuring out the puzzle before heading up the hill with their logs unlike the other teams who wait until they get up the hill to do so.
However, that hike up the mountain is grueling. Everyone is struggling, especially San Diego surprisingly! Sam is having a hard time making it up the mountain with her logs, and it doesn't help that the guys on her team are yelling at her.

In the end, Brooklyn takes the win! One by one, the rest of the teams figure the puzzle out. It ends up being St. Thomas and New Orleans, who both only have two people left on their teams, fighting against each other to not go to the Arena. St Thomas pulls it out, sending Jemmye and Knight into elimination.

Back at the house, the deliberation is the easiest I want to say in Challenge history for Brooklyn. At deliberation, they choose San Diego to go into a mental challenge, simply based on the fact that San Diego has been the head of their separate alliance, sending all of these other teams in, especially Brooklyn. Afterwards, Frank mentions that he wants to go in with Ashley. It turns out that Zach and Frank had made a pact that if their team went into the Arena, Frank would take the mental and strategic games, with Zach, with his strength, would take physical or endurance. When Sam speaks up, saying that she feels she should go in, Frank quickly backs out, scared to go in with her because of her lack of performance lately. It starts a huge fight because Zach feels that Frank is going back on his word. Neither one of them wants to go in for different reasons.

That night at the Arena, Jemmye and Knight take their place for the elimination round. Though Sam steps in to fight for her team, Zach and Frank didn't come to a decision about who will go in, leaving that power in Brooklyn's hands. Brooklyn quickly chooses Zach to go in, though the mental game is "Water Torture" (the game that Camila and Eric failed miserably at a few weeks ago!) Though the game is mental, it's also about strength and endurance, with the guys having to pull themselves down into a tank of water and holding themselves under for their teammates to solve a puzzle. I honestly would have actually put Frank into this one, because he's definitely weaker in those categories. When Zach starts struggling to get to the bottom of the tank, Sam surprisingly lights a fire under his ass and gets him to dig deeper! They end up winning the challenge, sending Jemmye and Knight home and leaving five teams left in the game.

Back at the house, it's obviously awkward between Frank and Zach. Frank thanks him for his work in the Arena, but Zach walks away from him, seeing what kind of competitor he really is. The game will only heat up from here, so we'll see what happens next week!

Check out an all new episode of Battle of the Seasons next Wednesday at 10 p.m. only on MTV!

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