"Control the Crazy"-Jersey Shore S6, E8 (RECAP)

Another Jerzday, another recap! Picking up from last episode, Deena is a true blue drunken mess still! Vinny tries to comfort her, but it doesn't help much. She misses home and her boyfriend, plus she's drunk. She wants to go home, but Vinny tells her to make that decision when she has calmed down. Even though they love Deena, the rest of the house is annoyed with her, especially Sammi. Ronnie decides to call her mom and tells her that she doesn't need to go home. Afterwards, everyone goes out to Karma without her.

Later, Deena's parents get to the house, which calms Deena down. Her mom tells her that she needs to stop drinking so much and that she's scared that she will be arrested again. Deena doesn't want her to keep calling to check up on her, but if she wasn't drunk ALL THE TIME, her mom wouldn't do that. She keeps talking about having all these "Meatball Days," but she needs a break from all that!

At Karma, Mike continues to pull what the guys call "Sneaky Dickens" moves by talking and feeling on other girls, though he is now in a relationship with Paula. Jenni CALLS HIM OUT in front of some of the girls talking to him. If you didn't want to be in a relationship, Mike, you shouldn't have asked her out in the first place! Meanwhile, Vinny is being tempted to give up his celibacy by some girl he met. However, the girl is mad shy once she gets back to the house, and Vinny just ends up going to sleep next to her.

In the morning, the guys pick up food for a family barbecue in the house. They bring up Mike grinding on other girls, and everyone tells her that that's not allowed now that he's with Paula. Surprisingly, Deena herself takes a day to not drink. Sammi expresses her frustration and annoyance with Deena's drinking and anxiety. Deena wants everyone to just let her be her, and thinks Sammi's making a bigger deal of it than it is. However, Sam lets her know straight up that since she got a boyfriend, her whole life is about Chris and being away from him is changing her. However, Deena can't see or admit that, leaving her angry at Sam.

The next morning, Sam, Jenni and Snooki get to work late, pissing off Danny. Jenni makes a deal with him saying that if she sells a case of shot glasses, she gets out of work early. Of course, she sells them because she's J WOWW! Hell, I'd buy a shot glass and then take a pic with her, Instagram it, and say she sold it to me haha! Easy bet! Afterwards, the girls head to an arcade, where Snooki steals a stuffed leopard, though she could very easily just buy it! Only Nicole...

Back at the house, Mike gets a call from Paula, and invites her to go on a double date with Chris and Deena. When Chris gets there, Deena expresses her frustration to him, and asks him if she's clingy. Chris is fine with Deena just as she is, though he does need her to stop calling him in the middle of the night! At the Boardwalk, it's clear that Mike is a little bit embarrassed by Paula. She acts a little like a Meatball, which turns Mike off. He's in an adjustment period with her in the first place, and it seems like this all is just making it worse. Of course, he wants her to be herself, but she's too comfortable. Meanwhile, the girls have a naive conversation about everybody being open and honest in their relationship.

Once at home, Mike is making references like he is about to dump Paula. Paula has no filter, especially about sex in the bedroom. He then tells her that she doesn't have a filter, and at times, he chalks it up to that just being who Paula is, but that when she sits there quietly, he's good. Awkward moment. Overall, she's a good girl, but Paula can be a little too much to handle. While they're out, Mike leaves Paula to go chill with Mike and Vinny. Paula hangs out with the girls, and they even dance with this old lady who does some crazy gymnast moves! It was the best Jersey Turnpike ever!

Back at the house, Paula reveals that she's wearing butt pads, and Vinny has a ball with them! She acts like one of the boys, telling a bunch of raunchy jokes, and it's embarrassing Mike to death! At the end of the day, guys ultimately get serious about real ladies, not trashy girls! Not saying that Paula is trashy, but if she keeps giving off this type of behavior, Mike is probably going to dump her!

Check out an all new episode of the FINAL SEASON of Jersey Shore next Thursday at 10 p.m. only on MTV!

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  1. I agree with you, if Paula keeps acting trashy that will be a turn off for Mike, and a reason for him to dump her. I think this may be part of the reason it has taken him four years to even think about being serious with her. I was only able to watch part of this episode because I had to go back to work at DISH. I wasn’t sure if I would make it back home in time for the reruns so I set my DISH Hopper to record this episode, and since I have so much DVR recording room I’m recording the rest of the season, and the after shows. I can’t wait to get home and check this episode out before the new episode starts this week.



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