"Make It Unofficial"-Jersey Shore S6, E9 (RECAP)

Another Jerzday gone, another Jersey Shore recap! First and foremost, I want to encourage the fans of the show to make donations to the Restore The Shore effort, a goal to rebuild Seaside Heights and the surrounding areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. The cast of Jersey Shore and several other cast members of other MTV shows are working diligently to bring light to this disaster and to help families rebuild their homes, businesses, and lives. Support if you can!

Picking up from last week, Snooki, Ronnie and Deena go to work. Danny and Ronnie go play games while the Meatballs who wanted to take a break themselves. Suddenly a huge storm hits, which freaks Deena out but it eventually calms down. My first thought was that they shouldn't have included that scene due to the hurricane, especially since it didn't add or take away from that part of the show, but whatever. Back at the house, Mike calls his sister Melissa and talks about his issues with Paula. Mike wants a classy girl and gets advice from Melissa to voice his problems to Paula. He liked her for who she was, and now, after three summers, Paula's done a complete 180 on him!

Mike tells Vinny and Pauly how he feels and they admit that Paula has changed. Pauly never did see them being together that long anyway. Now Mike has to figure out how to break up with her, though he still wants to be romantically connected (aka he wants to smush!). On the boardwalk, Vinny and Pauly are already telling people that Mike is single with plans to break up with Paula, which scares Mike because Seaside is small and there's the possibility of it getting back to her.

The next day, the house heads to the beach. Mike and Deena talk about breaking up with Paula. It might be best for both of them. Mike honestly doesn't seem ready to settle down anyway, though he's 30! Time for him to get his life together! Later, the guys plan to be there to see Mike break up with Paula. Mike also talks about sticking to his commitment to not drink or smoke and thanks his roommates for their support. Sammi brings up Snooki and tells Mike that he should try to settle things with her. Vinny feels like Snooki is trying to forget her past and that's why she doesn't hang out with him much or bring Jionni around. I don't know if Snooki will ever fix things with Mike, but she and Vinny have been cool for a long time, and I think this awkwardness between him and Jionni should be fixed for her sake.

Back at the house, Sammi asks Snooki if she will invite Vinny or Mike to the wedding. She wants Jionni and Vinny to patch things up but definitely doesn't want Mike to be there. She doesn't think that she will ever really forgive Mike for trying to mess with her relationship. Even if she did, she doesn't want to be friends.

The next morning, Snooki is so tired and doesn't want to go to work with Pauly and Jenni. However, she pushes through, even with severe pains in her side. Jenni takes her outside to talk. Snooki feels like she can't talk to anybody but Jenni because she doesn't want to be a buzzkill or annoying to the roommates. However, Jenni feels like they are family and will understand. After work, Jenni plans to throw Snooki a surprise Shore Shower to cheer her up. She recruits Sam and Deena to help her plan the baby shower at Rivoli's, and calls Jionni to tell him about it. She wants it all to be perfect. The girls even go to get Snooki real baby gifts for Lorenzo! Definitely a cute and thoughtful idea!

Later, Paula calls Mike and reveals that she has heard that he wants to break up with her. He plans to go see her at work but she's emotional which tears at his heart a little bit. It just makes this all harder. Later, Pauly tells Vinny to make Mike a "Let's Make It Unofficial" tshirt after work to mess with him. At the house, the guys plan to have a front row seat to the breakup!

The next day, Jenni and Mike go to tan, while Ronnie, Pauly and Vinny are simply there just to watch the drama! Mike goes to talk to Paula after his tan. He admits that he cares about her but thinks that maybe they're moving too fast, and they should go back to how things were. He was actually really smooth about it and Paula's cool with it. It was no drama at all, and they even got some kisses in too! Definitely the easiest breakup ever, which was disappointing to the other guys since they expected more! I guess since Paula had already heard it, she expected it. Not surprised that they broke up. The Situation is obviously not ready to be tied down for real!

There are only FOUR episodes left of the FINAL SEASON of Jersey Shore! Can't believe it! New episodes will return in two weeks after Thanksgiving!

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