"Shore Shower"-Jersey Shore S6, E10 (RECAP)

Another Jerzday, another recap! Picking up from last week, Snooki talks to Jionni, who is into his softball playing, and doesn't really spend a lot of time with Snooki. How your FIANCEE is carrying your CHILD and you don't make time to see her is beyond me! Later, the housemates go to dinner at Jimbos, while Snooki and Deena go out to dinner for their own little meatball date. They talk about how Snooki is never out with them, but then also how Jionni is never around to see her and make sure that she's all right.

Later everyone minus Snooki parties at Karma. Paula is there after her breakup with Mike a few weeks back. Though she looks great, Mike can't get her raunchy ways out of his mind. When she talks to Sammi and Jenni, she seems really heartbroken by the breakup, while Mike goes on about his business! He's grinding all over girls, and Paula's just watching on the sidelines. She later comes over to say bye, right when Mike is about to seal the deal to take a girl home! Unfortunately, the entire MVP gang strikes out for the night, and they all head home to sleep.

The next day, Jionni and Snooki plan to go baby shopping, though Sam and Deena JUST got her a bunch of stuff from the baby store! When Jionni gets here, Sam quietly tells him that he should just take her to dinner. Snooki's feelings are hurt that no one wants to go baby shopping with her, as she hasn't gotten much for the baby. Before the couple heads out to eat, Snooki realizes she has to get an address from the girls, right when they are all showing Jenni the presents. They were able to hide them just in time, due to hearing Snooki's heels! At dinner, Snooki is a little gloomy at dinner, since she really wanted to go baby shopping. However, it's all good when she and Jionni go home and smush!

Later, Jenni tells Vinny that he had better be at the baby shower! However, he's weird about it because he feels that Jionni wouldn't want her there. That night, the house goes to a new club Merge, where Jenni rips her pants while she was dropping it in a dance battle! However, all of a sudden the entire mood changes when they see Angelina (for those who don't know, an original cast member from seasons 1-2 of the show!) NONE of them like her, so it's weird! She surprisingly wants to apologize to everybody, but nobody's trying to hear it! She's just keeps hanging around the guys trying to force this apology. Very, very awkward! When the guys strike out again in getting girls to bring back to the house, Pauly and Mike go to get steaks. Vinny decides to walk home alone, and meets some hot girls, deciding that it's cool to break his celibacy for a threesome literally from the street! When he gets back, he realizes that Jenni and Roger are in the smush rooom, so he brings the girls to his room. Since Mike and Pauly are both there, it ends up being very awkward for them all. One girl drops out, and the other doesn't do much for Vinny, so technically his celibacy isn't broken!

The next morning, the girls get up to decorate Rivoli's for Snooki's surprise baby shower. They are all hungover feeling terrible, and struggle to finish, but the room ends up looking great. Back at the house, the roommates plan to tell Snooki that they are going to Rivoli's for Sunday dinner so that the surprise isn't ruined. Vinny doesn't really want to go, but he plans to apologize to Jionni for Snooki. Jenni goes to Rivoli's with Roger to double check everything and meet with Snooki's friends and all. The rest of the house drives Snooki down there and she's so surprised and emotional! It gets awkward quick though, with Jionni being around Vinny and Mike, both of whom hooked up with Snooki (well Mike did allegedly...either way, it's awkward). The episode ends with Vinny going to talk to Jionni outside! I can't wait to see how this turns out!

There are literally only THREE episodes of Jersey Shore ever! Check out a new episode next Thursday at 10 p.m. ET!

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