"The Chronicles of Nanyia"-Battle of the Seasons E9 (Recap)

I've missed watching Battle of the Seasons these past two weeks (read up on the last episode here)! To start this week's episode, San Diego decides to work out together and give some positive and negative things about each other, all to try to strengthen their bond. Later, T.J. sends a clue to the house for the next day saying, "Don't abandon your teammates if you want to win this challenge."

The next day, the teams play "Abandon Ship." Each team has a line connected to an anchor with buoys at different heights underneath the water. One person jumps off the boat at a time to get a buoy, with everyone having to grab one of his own. When the last buoy is recovered, a lifeboat will appear. The team will then have to row that lifeboat to the finish line on the shore. The team with the fastest time is Power Team and the slowest will head to the Arena.

While Brooklyn and San Diego and even Cancun with only two team members kill it, St. Thomas struggles! Trishelle messes it for Team Vegas as well. She panics and Alton has to go get her buoy, adding a five minute penalty to their time. Of course, they give her mad crap about it, since they end up being one of the last teams to make it to shore. San Diego surprisingly kills the challenge and they all communicate well, winning Power Team! St. Thomas ends up being the last place team, earning themselves a spot in the Arena.

Back at the house, Dustin and Trishelle still go at it about the loss. Honestly, Trishelle should've stepped it up. She didn't even have the farther to go to get her buoy in the first place! Dustin tells her that if they are thrown in (which in all likelihood, they will be) she will be going into the Arena regardless for costing them the win, which she doesn't react well to. At deliberation later, San Diego decides to send in Vegas "based on performance," but we ALL know San Diego doesn't like them. They pick both Vegas and St. Thomas to play an Endurance game in the Arena.

That night, people drink and enjoy themselves. However, Nany randomly goes off on Derek about not being a good friend to her, and Frank gets into it, yelling at Nany in her face. Marie decides to get in it to break up the fight. Robb pushes Derek away from Marie and Derek pushes him to the ground, which causes Marie to push Derek and Sam gets knocked down in the process! This whole fight was a MESS! Everybody was drunk and needed to go to bed, if you ask me! Later, Frank, Nany and Trishelle go to the cabana to try to talk things out which lasts for a total of 20 seconds! Frank ends up going off on her and then starts talking about her sister being a heroin addict, and gets Dustin into it when he talks about his gay porn video. As Frank continues to yell from the balcony at the both of them, Dustin and Nany make fun of him. Frank jumps in Dustin's face, and Dustin pushes his face. Zach calms him down and reminds him about the final. Alton is annoyed with the craziness of this entire season, and I don't blame them. MTV advertised this as the biggest fight in Challenge history. I don't know about all of that, but I definitely know it was the dumbest fight!

At the Arena, Vegas and St. Thomas go head to head in "Balls Out."  Nany decides to step up to compete with Alton, when Trishelle refuses to go. Dustin yells at Trishelle because she definitely copped out. The game is best two out of three. With Robb's long arms, the first round goes to St. Thomas easily, while he second round goes to Vegas by one. It all came down to the final round which was extremely close, but it ended up going to St. Thomas, sending Nany and Alton home! It will leave Dustin to deal with Trishelle unfortunately. Dustin, of course, throws shade at her for not going in the Arena in the first place! Back at the house, Dustin decides that he is going home too, refusing to work with her. God only knows how this is going to end! Guess we'll see next week!

Check out a new episode of Battle of the Seasons next Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET only on MTV!

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