"Awkward!"-Jersey Shore S6, E11 (RECAP)

Can't believe that the cast of Jersey Shore is about to close the Shore House down for good! Just a few more episodes left! Picking up from last week, at Snooki's baby shower, Vinny goes outside to talk to Jionni man to man about their issues. Jionni has forgiven Vinny for hooking up with Snooki a day after their breakup, but doesn't like the "I'm the father" jokes that Vinny has made in the past. Vinny sincerely apologizes, and Jionni has more respect for him now that they had that talk. And now Vinny gets an invite to the wedding!

When the guys come back in, the guests play baby games and opens up all of the gifts for Snooki. During the shower, Jenni tells Jionni that he better come around more often for his pregnant fiancee  and take care of her. Snooki is so happy about the whole shower, but when Mike tries to talk to her, of course, she gives him the cold shoulder. He knows that eventually he will have to man up and talk to her about the problem.

The next morning, Mike reflects on his past problems with Snooki, and decides it's time to apologize for the things he said to Jionni and to her. He heads to her house to talk to her, and she lets him in, wanting to hear his story. He expresses his deepest apologies. However, Snooki finds it very hard to forgive him because he hurt their friendship and embarrassed Jionni and Snooki as a couple. He wants to save their friendship, because they're so close in character, and have had a lot of good times together. However, it's a lot of damage done. Snooks accepts his apology. Overall, a pretty good talk for people who haven't in over a year, but it's hard to say if there will ever be a friendship like before.

Sammi locks the guys out on the balcony while they're out talking. The guys plan to jump into pillows, right when Sam unlocks the door. Of course, the guys plan to retaliate secretly!

Later, Ronnie, Mike, and Pauly go GTL. It's kind of awkward because Paula works there still. She leaves Mike a little note. Back at the house, Vinny reads the note out loud to the house. It's clear that writing isn't exactly fundamental to her, but she admits that she misses him, and doesn't want him to give up on her. The note actually kind of touches Mike. The biggest surprise of all? Snooki is actually sitting next to him, and participating in the conversation! She's letting go of the anger towards him, realizing that he's a better person now.

That night, the house plans to go out to Aztec while Vinny, who's sick, and Snooki plan to just hang out together. Jenni stays home and goes straight to bed. Snooki and Vinny go out on their scooters and do old people impressions. Meanwhile, Mike struggles to maintain his sobriety at the bar. Paula comes, and tries to get him to hold a drink for a second, which really pisses Mike off. Paula gets annoyed and walks away, but Mike had a right to be upset. You don't give a drink to somebody who's trying to stay sober, not even for a second!  Mike continues to talk to girls while Paula awkwardly stares on. She even come up to him in the middle of a conversation yet again, which shows Mike that they probably won't be together again any time soon! A little later, Vinny and Snooki ride the scooters into the club for a quick appearance (best entrance ever!), but quickly head home. When they leave, some dude calls Snooki fat on the boardwalk, which prompts Vinny to back his scooter up and yell at the dude! I swear, people hate on this cast TOO much. It's a reality show. It's supposed to be stupid and crazy. It's entertainment!

The next day, Snooki calls up a psychic Zen Jen and calls her to prank Deena! Before though, the girls go with Snooki and Jionni to a sonogram to see little Lorenzo! He's so cute, just a little meatball! They notice that, for a baby, he's has a pretty big penis, and is even giving the middle finger in the womb! Everyone gets a laugh from that, but afterwards, Jionni is defensive when it comes to Jenni's statement at the baby shower of him not coming around enough. It's clear that that comment started a little bit of tension between them, but hey, Jenni's just looking out for her friend!

Back at the house, Pauly and Vinny plan to have a guys' night and include Jionni to get to know him better, and what his intentions are for Snooki and their baby! Snooki questions their intentions and tells them to be nice to him! The girls have their own night together. Zen Jen comes in to "bless the house," to prank Deena, who is afraid of ghosts and the supernatural. Zen Jen walks around to "feel the energy," and says she feels chills like there's a ghost in the house, even going as far to say that the ghost hangs near Deena's bed! She is definitely freaked out now!

At their get together, the guys welcome Jionni into the fold, though it's still awkward since both Vinny and Mike have hooked up with Snooki in the past. Jionni talks about his closeness with his family, and the expansion of his ATM business, which will take care of Nicole and the baby. He then starts to talk about Italy. Of course, Jionni is irritated about Mike telling him that he had sex with Nicole, but Snooki told him about the conversation they had and Mike apologizes to him. Again, Jionni gets defensive when the guys bring up him visiting Snooki more, but vows to try his best while still balancing work. In the end though, it was a good gathering, and the guys, even Mike, snag an invite to Jionni's bachelor party! That's a miracle from up above!

Only TWO (tear) more episodes of Jersey Shore EVER! Check out an all new episode next Thursday at 10 p.m. ET only on MTV!

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