Battle of the Seasons Season Finale (RECAP)

Finally, the Final Challenge for Battle of the Seasons! Picking up from last week, after weeks of challenges, the final teams (San Diego, Brooklyn, and the two-member team of Las Vegas) start the final by jumping out of a plane! It's definitely adrenaline-pumping! All of the teams have to run to a checkpoint, and already Devyn and Sam are struggling to run. Of course, everybody's yelling at their slowest members, because it's not a great way to start for any of them.

The first checkpoint is to align numbers on rocks in a grid so that, when added in every direction, you will always get the number 15. The time limit is 20 minutes. San Diego and Vegas struggle to Brooklyn is last to get into the puzzle, but the puzzle puts them ahead! They run to a helicopter where they race on in first place! San Diego finally got it, placing in second. Las Vegas' time runs out, putting them into third.

The second checkpoint is Rung Out, where you have to toss a ring on a hook. If you miss you have to take a shot of hot, nasty camel's milk. It's harder than it looks! Sarah finally gets it for Team Brooklyn, and they run off. Zach gets it for San Diego, which leaves Vegas to figure it out for themselves. Devyn struggles to run which slows their team down. You're really only as strong as your weakest player, and it's clear that Devyn is messing up Brooklyn's pace. Trishelle and Dustin finally get past Rung Out, but are so far behind

The next checkpoint, Get Tired, requires the teams to build a structure with pipes and ropes to move eight tires (four for the two members of Vegas). Brooklyn takes off with their tires by rolling them on the ground, but San Diego put them on their backs which puts the team right on Brooklyn's heels! San Diego eventually passes them. Trishelle, of course, struggles
Come to find out, the smartest team of the bunch, Brooklyn, was carrying an extra tire! Vegas eventually passes them, putting them in last place. The teams all eventually get to their helicopters where they are flown to the next part of the challenge. It's more running for them to the next check point, but this time it's across sand dunes!

After a long day in the desert, the teams are finished for the night, and get a chance to rest. Only catch is that one person gets to sleep at a time, while the other members stand inside a box holding a leash for a camel. You get a one minute penalty if you step outside the box. While playing tic tac toe in the sand, Devyn's foot accidentally goes over the line, but everybody's so cold, tired, and delirious, they don't even care!

The next morning, TJ rolls through on a four-wheeler to introduce the next day. San Diego gets an 11-minute head start, Vegas gets a 6-minute head start, and Brooklyn gets left in the dust. However, Sam is so slow, there's a chance that the other teams can catch up. The next checkpoint, Hallucination Nation, requires the teams to find numerical values from letters in a list of words to unlock a safe. San Diego has a decent lead, but Vegas is right behind them. Brooklyn is still in third.

In the next point, Sand Shift, the teams use sieves to put sand into their sieves. Sand is blowing everywhere, which makes it hard. Devyn is literally dead in this challenge, so Brooklyn might as well be out. Suddenly, Trishelle and Dustin get a fire under them to race San Diego to the top of a dune. Frank ends up pushing Sam causing her to fall, which pisses her off. However, the thought of $250,000 gets her back on track. San Diego ends up getting to the pole first, which makes me mad a little bit, because they irritated me the whole season, but they killed it, so I can't hate. Trishelle and Dustin wins second place, getting $50,000 for Team Vegas. Brooklyn comes in third, winning $40,000 for their team. Though I wanted and pegged them to win, it's still great that they finished together. Overall, it was a crazy Challenge this season. Just hope that MTV gets a few more veterans for next season!

Image via MTV

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