"I Like To Move It, Move It"-Battle of the Seasons E11 (RECAP)

I apologize for the serious delay in these recaps! A lot of things going on last week, but here is the recap for last week's episode of Battle of the Seasons (Jersey Shore one will be up soon too).

Picking up from last episode, the remaining four teams (Vegas, Cancun, San Diego and Brooklyn) leaves Turkey behind and heads to Namibia, Africa, to fight to keep their spot in the finale! Two people are for sure going home, so the teams are definitely nervous! The house in Africa is SICK! Later, they all get a clue from TJ saying: "Tomorrow's your last shot to make it into the final! Good luck!" The challenge is definitely important for Brooklyn to win because they know they will be thrown into the Arena if they don't, since Cancun and San Diego are in alliance with each other).

The next day, the teams play "Sling Shot." The game is complete with a four-wheeler, a ramp, and of course, water. The teams all have to assign a driver and a jumper (teams of four will assign two to go twice). The driver will take off with the jumper in tow, who will then be launched off of the ramp into the water, and swim as fast as they can to the dock to ring a bell. Then the jumper will swim back in to swim to shore and cross the finish line. With the teams of four, their times will be averaged.

Vegas surprisingly kills it first, setting the tone for the other competitors. Dustin is extremely winded and sick from swimming, so it's probably going to be harder than anyone thought! It's definitely not the easiest challenge. San Diego's four-wheeler stalls, which makes it a farther swim for Frank, unfortunately. The team that lost with a trip right into the Arena is Cancun, with San Diego falling not too far in front of them. The Power Team going into the finals is Las Vegas, which nobody expected! They win their first challenge, and the most important one to win at that!

The high from Trishelle and Dustin's win is short-lived, however, when TJ makes them pick the second team to head in right there on the spot! No surprise, they pick San Diego to go against Cancun, and pick them to play Strategy. With that decision, Brooklyn also makes it into the finals! It's a great way to break up the Arena. It's clear that Frank and Ashley need to prove themselves in the Arena, so they will most likely be going in. Back at the house, Sam makes fun of Frank's major fail at the Challenge, which, of course, pisses him off.

Surprisingly, Sarah gives Jonna advice for the Arena, hoping that Cancun will send two members of San Diego home so that Brooklyn will be the only team left with four people. Jonna and Derek face Ashley and Frank in "Knot So Fast" for the final Arena. Instead of there being domes, the challenge uses pyramids. First, the teams will tangle their pyramid with rope as best as they can, and then switch pyramids to solve the other team's. It sucks for Zach to watch because he's a part of Team San Diego, but still has feelings for Jonna and wants her to do well too. Vegas and Brooklyn of course are yelling advice at Cancun so they can send home Frank and Ashley. However, San Diego pull it out, sending Jonna and Derek home. TJ congratulates the remaining teams of gaining their spots in the finals.

Back at the house, the teams get new gear for the finals the next day, showing that this challenge is going to be a tough one! Trishelle and Chet talk about their team's weaknesses, and contemplate what will happen in the Challenge. Everyone's nervous, because there's no telling what will happen! The next day, the teams all head out to the desert. There's four planes and three helicopters up ahead, which puts everyone into suspense about what they're getting into! TJ introduces the challengetelling them them that they will be jumping out of those planes from 10,000 feet to start things off, exciting some team members and terrifying others! They will all have to dig deep to make it to the finish line to win any money!

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