"The Icing on the Cake"-Jersey Shore Series Finale (RECAP)

Can't believe that last night was the last Jerzday ever! I've been watching this show from the very beginning, and, as stupid as many people think it is, I'm gonna miss it! Picking up from last week, The house plans a bonfire party on the beach to say goodbye to the Shore. Vinny and Pauly go get a bunch of wood Vinny pushes the wood all the way to the beach, while Pauly follows him in the truck! The house brings chairs, preps drinks, and finally gets ready to party! With friends and foods, the cast has an amazing time to end their time. Roger and Jionni eventually get there, and give flowers to their girls! The guys play football and Jionni covers Mike who is in "the best shape of his life." However, little short Jionni ends up intercepting the ball from him!

During the bonfire, Sammi talks to her parents about her relationship with Ronnie, and how far they have come. Her mom asks what's next for them, and she tells them that they plan to move in together which brings out laughter from both of her parents. They are both unsure of their relationship, but hope that they can pull through. Ronnie's dad tells him to enjoy it, but is kind of skeptical about everything too. And they have a right to be! Sammi and Ronnie's relationship hasn't exactly been a walk in the park, but hopefully they stick together.

The next day, the house head to the Shore Store for their last shift ever. During their shift, they talk over their memories on the boardwalk and working there. Later, when Jenni and Sam go tanning, they find that Paula left some cakes for Mike for his birthday. Why are you doing this Paula? He don't want you! The girls take it home for Mike, but it's just a little weird that Paula has this planned for him. Pauly jokes that Paula might have poisoned the cakes, but ends up eating a piece with Mike.

That night, after the girls go out, Pauly and Vinny plan to prank Sam for her little stunt locking them out on the balcony a few weeks back. Vinny steals her and Ronnie's air bed, but manages to pop a hole in it! They put it back in their room like nothing happened, but, of course, However, Ronnie tries to inflate the bed and can't because there's a whole in it! But then he gets mad at Sam for pulling a prank on the guys in the first place, which is stupid, but okay.

The next day, Sammi is over the whole thing and plans for Mike and Pauly's birthday. However, Ronnie is still clearly pissed off, and it's super awkward. She's busy making cakes and cookies, and Ronnie feels like she should have apologized to him. For what, I don't exactly know. However, the house goes up to enjoy the Fourth of July fireworks for the birthdays and enjoy themselves.

That night, Sammi and Ronnie have a conversation about the day. Ronnie is upset for something that Sammi had nothing to do with honestly. Pauly and Vinny planned the prank. The rest of the house watch the drama from the living room. Sammi tells him that if he feels that way, they should break up. Ronnie thinks that she should have sucked it up and apologized. For once, Sammi is actually in the right! She's over this whole thing, and walks away, saying good night and that she loves him with no response. However, later, he apologizes and they make up.

The last day, the house plans to GTL for the last time. At the tanning salon, an employee tells Sammi, Ronnie, and Vinny that some dude's balls were on the cake, and they shouldn't have eaten it! She even shows them a picture, which shocks everybody! I mean, who knows what else happened to the cake?! They tell Mike in the car, and he just can't believe that Paula would do that! They tell Pauly at the house, and he's just in shock, gets mad and wants retaliation! Even Deena had a piece, the one time she decides to splurge in the house! I don't care what happens, you don't mess with people's food! Mike calls her up to see what was what, and she acts like she couldn't hear him. It was all fake, and Mike ends up breaking the duck phone! RIP.

That night, the house sits on the deck just sharing memories about their time in the house. Everybody thought what did they get into from the first day!  They bring Snooki's goofiness and isolation from the beginning, and a dude punching her in the face, which actually ended up bringing them closer! And Deena's entrance in the house and getting naked in front of Mike the first night! And the time when Pauly and Jenni used to flirt, and then she revealed she had a boyfriend! I forgot about some of this! It's clear that Jersey Shore has impacted them in a way that nobody will ever get, and they are a family for life.

The next day, Pauly wakes them up with a nice bang, banginig pots and pans to get everybody up, even next door at Snooki's! Mike and Jenni make breakfast for them all. It's very emotional for them clearly. After breakfast, they start the packing process for the last time. They leave every summer, but this time they're not coming back. After they load up their cars, they stand together in the front of the house and cry and hug together, and then go their separate ways. All good things must come to end, but we all know that we will see them plenty in the future! Shoot Snooki and Jenni's show comes back in a couple of weeks! No word if Pauly's spinoff is coming back, but Vinny has his own show where he's bringing celebrities over to his family house to talk, eat, and chill! I will definitely miss Jersey Shore, but excited to see what happens with the cast in the future.

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