By now, everyone knows of the tragedy that happened in Newtown, Connecticut. A shooting spree by a mentally ill gunman happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School, killing 20 children (ages range from 5-10, though no names have yet been released) as well as 6 adults (including the school principal and psychologist). The gunman also killed his mother beforehand, and apparently took his own life. More details are forthcoming.

I have been struggling with this all day yesterday and now. Even as I type, I am flipping channels to hear more on this tragedy. Forgive me for not getting up the recap posts that I needed to. They will be up hopefully later today, but this is far more important to me right now. Prayers go up to the families of these victims, especially these 20 little babies, as well as the people of Newtown who are struggling to come to grips with this. Prayers to President Obama, Congress, and our other officials who need to take ACTION on developing some type of stricter plan on gun control in this country. This world is highly unpredictable. Shocked, disgusted, and saddened.

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