Raining Men and Meatballs-Jersey Shore S6, E12 (RECAP)

The final season of Jersey Shore is almost over (*tears*). Picking up from last episode, Roger calls Jenni and tells her that Jionni told him about the guys in the house hanging out with him the night. All the boys apparently pointed the finger at Jenni about her talking about Jionni not being around for Snooki. It causes a quick ruckus with the boys and Jenni, but it's all just he said/she said. She calls Jionni and gets his version and finds out how bad her talking about him offended him. Jionni had been up there a lot to see Snooki apparently without any of them them knowing! Jenni apologizes to him, and they quickly get over the drama.

Later, Mike reveals that he was a stripper through college. The house wants him to show them what he's got sometime before they leave! That night, the house gets ready to go out to Karma. Paula comes out too, wearing a skin right dress perhaps to impress Mike and show him what he's missing! A girl comes up to him and basically invites him to have sex with her, which, of course, Mike is down with. However, Paula sees it and spazzes out on him! She needs to let it go! If a man wants to be with you, he'll be with you. If not, oh well! Move on with your life. Mike goes on about his business and finds another girl. Mike is on high alert with Paula right around the corner. She comes around the corner out of nowhere, making it awkward for Mike. He decides to bring the girl home anyway, but she is obviously sloppy wasted, and Mike sends her on her way. Meanwhile, Pauly goes to his room to get in it in really quick with some girl, and ends up exchanging numbers with her.

The next day, Snooki comes over to hold auditions for Deena's new Meatball. They go to get toys for their auditions and prizes for their winner! They comes up with rules and head to EJ's to ask people to audition, where they find girls crazy enough to do all this stuff! They take tequila shots, as well as body shots off an old man, and wand people and say "MERP!" It's all very hilarious! They end up picking three final girls to be Meatballs for Deena! Meanwhile, Sammi and Ronnie go out on a little date to spend time together. Finally, they're able to truly connect without all this fighting! They plan to move in together, which will be interesting for them. Sammi even talks about having kids! They go to play mini golf and are very competitive with each other. Overall, it was a nice little date, and it's good to see them actually growing up and being a good couple.

Back on the boardwalk, Deena decides to bring home all the Meatballs she picked up. It's all so crazy. Pauly is a little annoyed since it is their last weekend at the house together, and he wants them to just party together. Jenni is irritated too that these Meatballs are using her stuff to get ready! Then there's this Scottish girl that is just off the wall! Finding random Meatballs on the boardwalk may not have been a great thing. Everyone heads out to Merge together. Deena's fake Meatballs eventually go home, which the rest of the house is overjoyed about. They have the best time together for their final weekend at the Jersey Shore!

The next morning, the roommates talk about what to do for their final days at the Shore. It's good to see them all just enjoying themselves. Ron and Sam cook a last Sunday dinner for everyone. Mike plans to do a little strip routine and practices with the guys. He comes up with a ghetto boxer routine with his name being Vito Dorado. The guys do the works on the house, bringing out a smoke machine, Pauly getting on the turntables, and Ron even bringing out handcuffs for Jenni! Pauly announces "Vito," who then does a NUMBER on Jenni! The house plays along throwing fake money at him! Overall, one of the funniest moments of Jersey Shore history!

The SERIES FINALE of Jersey Shore will air this Thursday at 10 p.m. ET followed immediately by the LIVE reunion so be sure to check it out! 

Image via MTV

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