"A Woman Scorned"- Battle of the Seasons E10 (RECAP)

Battle of the Seasons is starting to get REALLY crazy! Picking up from last week, Dustin has planned to quit after Nany and Alton were eliminated at the Arena. The next morning, Chet tries to talk him out of it, and when Dustin thinks things through, he decides to stay to fight for Team Vegas. Meanwhile, Brooklyn plans to gun for Cancun and know that they need to win the next Challenge in order to stay out of the Arena.

The next day's Challenge is called "Force Field." Two team members will share a huge inner tube in girls' and boys' heats (unless you're only a team of two, then you're by yourself!) The object of the game is to push people off the platform into the water. There is a point system: The 1st team out will receive no points. The 2nd team will get 20 points. 3rd will get 40, 4th will get 60, and the last team standing will get 80 points. If you fall down three times, you'll be disqualified.

In the girls' heat, Marie works with Brooklyn to get Vegas, Cancun and San Diego out! Sarah and Devyn end up winning for Team Brooklyn! In the boys' heat, Chet and JD falls three times disqualifying them from the game, which basically screws up the girls' win for Brooklyn moments before. Zach and Frank are the last team standing, automatically winning the Power Team for San Diego. Vegas heads straight to the Arena after coming in last place with points.

Back at the house, San Diego deliberates who they want to send in to face Vegas. It's abundantly clear that overall, this team doesn't think with their head at all. Sam and Zach want to send in St. Thomas, purely based off the fight that happened last week with Marie accidentally pushing Sam down. Because Frank is friends with Marie, he suggests picking the team that could take Vegas out, which could be Brooklyn. San Diego goes out to talk to Brooklyn and St. Thomas. Marie gets irritated really quick because she realizes that they're all just pawns in San Diego's minds right now.

At deliberation, San Diego chooses St. Thomas to go in against Vegas. They also choose Mental which wasn't the game that St. Thomas wanted to do. It's all stupid because if San Diego was thinking STRATEGICALLY, they would have put Brooklyn up and possibly break up their team. That would leave San Diego as being the only team left with four people, which would be a HUGE advantage to them. But that's okay! Leave my favorite team to make it to the final!

That night, the house go out to party, and Marie is over emotional on the bus. It's a little irritating, because this IS a game, and, at the end of the day, everyone is going to do what they think is best for their team and themselves. We can be friends, but I'm ultimately here for my team and to make some money. Marie GOES OFF on Frank and says that she doesn't want to be friends with him. It's just an extremely sour night. Marie continues to go off on the bus with Robb having to restrain her. Back at the house, Marie gets in Sam's face. She turns quickly to JD which gets Robb into it again. They both were just over emotional about the entire thing. It's a competition people!

That night, Vegas and St. Thomas go head to head in "Water Torture." Though Robb and Marie give it their all, ultimately, Dustin and Trishelle win the game! Back at the house, they get a clue from TJ that says that they have a huge challenge ahead of them! "The first part will be just getting there. Pack your bags you're going to Namibia!" Get your passports! The Challenge is headed to AFRICA!

Check out a new episode of Battle of the Seasons next Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET only on MTV!

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