The Ravens Win Super Bowl XLVII!

The Baltimore Ravens are officially World Champs! After a rocky second half and the lights going out at the Superdome in New Orleans halfway through the game, the team clinched victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, 34-31!

After a beautiful cover of  "America The Beautiful" by Jennifer Hudson with the Sandy Hook Elementary Chorus, as well as the National Anthem sung by Alicia Keys, the game was underway! The Ravens led early in the first half of the game by 28-6, with many thinking that the game would be a landslide. However, after an electrifying performance by Beyoncé at the Halftime Show, the lights went out on one side of the Dome, halting play for half an hour (yeah my girl shut it DOWN!) .  After the lights were restored, San Francisco quickly made a comeback, making for one of the craziest second halves ever seen at the Super Bowl! However, Baltimore was able to hold them off, winning the game in the last minutes of the game!

The game marked the end of Ravens vet Ray Lewis' career, allowing him to go out on top with another Superbowl ring (he won his first at Super Bowl XXXV with a win over the New York Giants)! The victory gave Ravens head coach John Harbaugh a victory over his younger brother Jim in the first Super Bowl featuring brothers as opposing coaches.

I've fallen off of football, and I really only watched the game to see Bey at halftime and the ads (which were pretty lackluster if you ask me!). However, I went to school in Baltimore, so I wanted the Ravens to win for the city. I know that it was mad crazy last night! Congrats to the Ravens! 

Oh, I know that you all have read about The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour by now!  It hits DC on July 29th and I'm DETERMINED to be there to finally see Beyoncé LIVE!!!! Just had to throw that in there. 

Image via USA Today Sports

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